Monday 29 June 2015

7 Reasons I Never Fight With My Bestie ;p

No matter how many friends I have on my Facebook list, no matter with how many people I chill out. But no one can take my best friend’s place in my heart. No matter how much we fight or after how many days we meet, but I know she will be always there for me as a “Support System”. She always remains irreplaceable because she is the one who knows me, more than I know myself! I always have the Best time when we’re together, we laugh, we cry, we dance, we gossip, we party, and even we fight but there are some reasons I never have the guts for real Cold-War with her:

1.      Knows all my Secrets
Fighting for long with her is like dancing in front of a snake, in short inviting trouble because she knows all my secrets (including dirty ones ;p) She knows all my past-life scandals and the list of guys I dumped. Whether it’s about my secret wish list or my secret crush, my crazy fantasies or my fears, nothing remained out of her sight. From my smoking drinking bad habits to my clingy ex-boyfriends, she knows all!

2.     Unconditional Support  
Whether I fight with my family or boyfriend, I always know whom to call to get back my senses. The times I get upset, she exactly knows how to make me feel better. I even call her at 2 am, not to talk but to sob as long as I want. And she patiently listen everything, which I never say. She supports me in everything, right or wrong, never matters. Who else can do that for me?!

3.      True Soul-mate
She is like my shadow, my true soul-mate. No one can ever be able to understand me the way she does. She knows exactly what happening in my life. She can understand my thoughts and actions better than me, like they’re her own. She knows why I do the things I do, she knows every time why I feel the way I feel. I don’t need to say aloud that I’m upset or happy. She knows me like a part of her!

4.     Partner in Crime
All the crazy stuff I think to do, she is the morale supporter, who never asks why I want to do this shit but support me and even guide me how to mess the things, literally. I just need to tell her and she is already the partner in all my crimes. Whether it’s about money for boozing or lie to mom for new-year’s late night party, or even puking together in the sink after drinking heavily. She is always right beside me!

5.     Seen me in my worst
There is no room for awkwardness between us because she has seen me in my worst. She has seen Everything, right from my colorful-streaks-face to crying-for-my-ex boyfriend-face, she has been the one and only witness. She didn’t even see everything but always support me to get better than before. She was right there when I needed a shoulder to cry, to wipe my tears and to support me, all the way she could have!

6.     Ridiculously Loyal
Of course she is my best friend, but she is ridiculously loyal towards me. She always argues when it comes to my safety and protection. My best friend won’t let anyone hurt me ever or let anything bad happen to me ever. As if it is in her hands! No one else can give me a better and honest opinion about what’s looking good or what’s looking bad on me. She even tells me that she doesn’t like the guy I’m dating. Phewww.. Too Loyal!!

7.     Enjoyment, all the way
When it comes to enjoyment, we’ve the best time when we’re together. We always try to enjoy every second of our life. Shopping, trying dresses in the same trying-room, watching movies, burning the dance floor, checking out guys, complimenting each other, comparing our weight on weighing machine, doing crazy stuff together, these are just a sort of. We can try and do everything to get the kick called ‘Enjoyment’

Having a lot of friends at the different stage of life is not the big deal, but having a same friend at every stage is! Friendship is the only relation we find by ourselves, so it’s better to find only one friend rather of many, who stand by us forever in everything. The friend who can be by your side when the world is against you. She is my best friend that’s why she always remains irreplaceable. For heaven’s sake, I can never ever think to fight with my bestie, because she is as special for me as I’m for her!

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