Tuesday 16 June 2015

6 signs that show you're a complete workaholic

Being committed to and passionate about your job are good qualities but being a complete workaholic is not. Sometimes you take your work so serious that you don’t even realize that you became a workaholic. If you are a complete workaholic, the latter is a serious condition. After all, work is a part of life not the whole life.
These are the signs that show the distinction between having a strong work ethic and being a workaholic.

You always arrive office early and leave late
If you’re the first one to arrive in office and last to leave, yes you’re workaholic! You might think coming office early is helpful to focus on your work because office is quitter and there is no one to disturb you. You might think leaving late is the way to organize your work for another day. Be careful of doing both all the time.

You don’t have real hobbies
If someone asks you about your hobby, you always come up with reading reports and work at office. Except working in office, you don’t have a real hobby. Your hobby can be anything, from painting to playing or dancing to cooking.  A hobb is a thing which makes you feel alive, happy and satisfied but if you don’t do such thing, believe that you’re a complete workaholic!

You get stressed when you’re not at work
Feeling stressed at work helps you to do your work or project on time. It can motivate you to the finish line. But when you’re not at work and still feel stressed out, you must be concerned about the source of your stress. If you’re working more than you’re vacationing while on vacation, seems like you’re workaholic!

You don’t have any personal life
If your partner, family or friends started missing you and are feeling that you’re never on time or never around them because of your work, you must be concerned.  You’re not able to give time to your family and telling your colleagues that they can call you regarding work at any time, going out with your partner and still on phone solving any work issue. You have to believe that you have lost your personal life because of your extent to work.

You hide work from your beloved ones
Just imagine! Your partner is working at home in late hours after you slept. He leaves you cuddling on the bed for his work, chose other room and completes his project. How it feels like? The work can’t be important more than the girlsleeping next. If you’re doing exactly the same, now you can see the sickness in it and might be time to pay the attention.

You rarely say Yes
You rarely say yes to your friends, though you never say no to your boss for extra work or responsibilities. You mostly miss the happy hours, birthday parties, get together and family reunions with the excuse “I have to work”. Eventually your suffering friends will stop asking and even if you come, you just give a cameo appearance. You need to say no to your work and allow yourself to enjoy with family and friends.

We work for living, we don’t live for work. Work is just a part of our life, that’s not the whole life. So sometimes it is better to say no to work, find some time for yourself and your beloved ones. After all on the death bed no one remember about the work promotions but close friends and family!

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