Thursday, 28 December 2017

Be a Traveler Not a Tourist!

"I love the place that gives flights to my mind and soul to my imagination!"
I once read somewhere that be a traveler not a tourist! In my wild imaginations and cravings for finding exquisite natural locations, I kept trying to know the difference. The difference between being a tourist or a traveler is as simple as in home or house. Sometimes a person is your home or other way around, the open sky is!


Open sky with thousands of twinkling stars, dense forests and wildly flowing cascades - the perfect combination! Unless you’ve been a loner in a dense forest and a nature lover, you would know that how it feels to dance in the rain, when it drenched you completely and all you see around is open arms of nature and truly a magnificent gift of God. When mountains call you and the sound of river is as amazing as a laughter of a kid. And that's the thing about nature, it's simply beautiful. It gives a sense of satisfaction, peace to mind, food to soul and a delight to eyes. 

There is so much nature teaches us, nothing in the nature lives for itself. Rivers don't drink their own water. Trees don't eat their own fruits. The sun doesn't shine for itself. The moon doesn't give calmness to its own self. Living for each other is the rule of nature. But if you really want to live for yourself, then all you need to do is keep yourself as close to nature's heart as possible and break clear away once in a while. Climb a mountain, spend some time in woods and wash your spirit clean in the place that is unspoiled by man!!

 Travel and find peace! Wander and find home! Find home in the people you meet. Find home inside your own skin. Enjoy the journey as much as you can because the greatest part of travelling is not the destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way. It’s the journey that makes the destination worth and exciting!!

Let the sun shine and give a meaning to your life!!

Learn the things nothing else can teach us other than travelling. If you look strongly, there are these fantastic things that only travelling can teach you, without even asking for anything in return. I've have always been the ‘experience over material' kind of a person even if that means taking a few risks and braving a timid heart. In the process, I've scratched my knees while climbing hills, hurt myself a few times, broken shoes while jumping across thorny bushes, drenched myself completely while drinking water from flowing cascades. I have traveled solo when everyone advised me not to, I’ve been on bike rides without caring about my back pain, I’ve jumped into the water without even knowing how to swim, I've slipped and fallen, I've risked and shaken but you know why the sprained ankles and the bruised knees never complained? Because they've seen how excited and thrilled I am, every time I chase a goal and brave my soul to be a bit more wild and adventurous. I swear, there are divine places more beautiful than words can ever tell! We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure. All we need to do is just step out and find out where we actually belong to!
All I  want to do is spend my life travelling the world and sitting on locations where I can see the magnificent view and leave a part of me, reading books that take my breath away, drinking all kinds of tea and writing diaries. That's why I want to take out time to see the world, taste the fullness of life and listen to my heart. And I always believe wherever you go, go with all your heart! Be in the isolation not to figure out what you want but to explore who you really are. Try to listen to the nature it got all your answers.

We should all try to hear it from a wildling that its okay to take risks. It's okay to listen to your heart. If you want to fill your life with experiences and adventures and not things, have stories to tell instead of stuff to show, you have to step out of door and jump into a territory unknown. For more often than not, you'll be welcomed. The digits in your bank account will be a bit less but the happiness and satisfaction in your life will be countless. So, choose wisely!!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

You're your own UNIVERSE :)

Don’t be afraid to get back up again, to try again, to love again, to live again and to dream again. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. You’re born awesome to experience all the amazing things in the world. To see new places, to meet fascinating people, to travel far away, to taste delicious cuisines and to spread love and happiness around. Enjoy little things in life, love your scars and messy hair, fall in love with your big teeth showing smile, dream with your dark dreamy eyes and be comfortable in your own skin, fair dark doesn't matter. Love yourself enough and keep doing the good things! Don’t let that spirit of you doing great in life fade away because of bad people and bad experiences. Let go of what makes you upset and hold on to something that gives you peace, pleasure and happiness. Follow your heart but take along mind on the journey. Appreciate what you have but desire for what you can have. Don't let someone tell you that you don't deserve what you want. Don’t let someone dim the light of your eyes and the brightness of your smile because you my dear are worth the universe!!
You are your own UNIVERSE :)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

From Life to Slut, A break up changed her character!

To the guy who once called me his life and now calls me a slut,

Remember the time when we met, how instantly we connected and at that very moment I knew we’re gonna grow old together. Remember how you used to write all those long beautiful letters to me and how we used to talk till midnight sitting in your balcony and sipping the perfect hot cup of tea made by you.  I can still feel how bad you felt and you were almost in tears when I told you my past experiences. I can still feel the agony and hatred and anger you had for all those men who ever put me down. Remember, when the first thing you wanted to see in the morning was my face and the last thing you wanted to do before sleeping was kissing my forehead. How you used to call me your life and how used to love me like one day I would be your wife. Remember how you used to respect me like your mom and made promises to keep me like the royal crown on your head.

There’s a reason I’m trying to remind you all those moments. I’m reminding you how good we were until things started turning out bad between us. How blessed we were with each other until I remembered the priorities and goals of my life are different from yours.  How much happy we were like an inspirational and favourite couple for everyone until I found out that happiness was just a illusion in my mind and I was enjoying the outside scenic beauty from a cage.

I broke the cage!

I broke all the chains you had were holding me with, to experience the world, to taste the free river water, to dance in the dense forests, to travel the world outside my window and to make my spectacular mark on the world. And just when I swear to live my life to the fullest, you happened to be the biggest stone in my way. And I LEFT YOU.  I left you not to insult you or hurt your ego but because of the suffocation of dead relationship I was going through. I left you because of your lack of commitments towards me and our relationship and our future. But I tried before leaving; I swear I did try my level best to make a beautiful US.

Things turned out real ugly and bad and I knew that I had to go my way. I knew we’re not meant to be together. Yes, we loved each other but I guess loving was not enough to keep each other happy. We never saw each other again and believe me I have no complaints in my heart for you. It’s just I have a question for you. Question about the love you showed me once and about the respect you created a whole scene with. I want to question your words and for the sake of all those beautiful moments we spent together, you have to answer me. You have to answer me about the bad mouthing behind my back. For calling me a SLUT and other bad names. I just have a question that if I’m a slut, how come you fell for me. How come you wanted to marry me and make cute little babies and cut to the future of us having so many grand kids playing in our garden!?

But leave it. There’s no point of clearing out stuff. There is no point I will believe you again and make you my universe. I am not seeking for answers, just an advice to all those guys out there who first call girls their life and then judge their characters after breakup. Just look back to your words and all those promises you made to respect her all your life. Be a man of your words because karma will always come back to you my friend. Before calling that girl a slut think about your sister at home. Think about your mom waiting for you at home. She was once your life and now your life is a SLUT, does it sound right?!

once your life and now GOD knows!

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Dear LOVE, Sorry for quitting!

Dear Love,

Maybe you and I are not meant to be together. Maybe we should stop making each other fool. Maybe we should stop making ourselves fool. Love has its own kinds. There is no doubt that this is pure love but our love is not the kind which blooms flower and shine bright like a diamond. Our kind of love is the one which destroys. The one with passion but aggression, the one with care but obsession. Our love is like the lord Shiva, the beginner but the end, the creator but the destroyer. So, instead of us devastating each other to the point where we’ll be no longer able to see us together, we should move apart. We were sure sharing the same sky but our constellations were different. We were sure sharing the same pillows but our dreams were different. We were sure giving each other emotional support but our pain is different. We take each other’s old pain and then we give each other new sores. We might be each other’s cure but that cure gives birth to new wounds. And I do believe I can never be the alchemy of anyone’s desire and no one can turn my mighty-satiety in reality. So, maybe in this life instead of fighting with destiny for us to be together, we should flow with it and accept.  Maybe on different shores, we’ll meet and be together forever in our dreams and lock each other’s memories in a bottle and keep it close to our hearts. Maybe in some other life we’ll be able to take each other’s pain and instead of giving each other wounds, we’ll give joy and love. Maybe in some other instance, we’ll be mature enough to understand each other. And just like others, our love will be able to bloom flowers and create happiness. Maybe in some other time we’ll be together forever. But in this life my love, you and I are not meant to be together.

The one who loves you but couldn't be yours!"

Monday, 9 October 2017

Forever for you!

The only way I learnt to love you was to embrace the weight on my shoulders.

The only way I learnt to stick by you was to recognise all the fault beneath my shoulders.
The only way I learnt to miss you was to be at peace with everything happened in my past.

I'll love you even when it's hard, I'll need you when it's dark and I'll hold you when we're apart.
I'll be there forever shining through the clouds and I'll be there humming the tune of your path.

I'll be there no matter how difficult or hard.
I'll be there no matter where you're!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Your love became a game and I promise I'll win the same!

Love became game,
relationship became dead-body,
home became a cage,
& you became a monster.
Fought to the world to be with you,
left my world to live with you.
Dreamt of living every dream with you,
wished to make those dreams come true.

In a fraction of seconds you changed everything,
in the high of your ego you broke everything.
Your home became a cage for me,
your love became a game for me.
You're the master but i'm not a slave,
though everyday for your love, I'll die and crave.
I thought of you like a daydream,
you made it a nightmare.
But maybe one day I'll learn this game,
and I promise I'll win the same!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

You too are my favourite last meal!

You're the cream of my coffee, my perfect caffeine.
You're my favourite flavour if you know what I mean.
With you my body trying to converse,
and asking for a little love bite.
My soul burning and making it worse,
I want you to wake me up the whole night.

Just one taste of yours makes my pulse rate fast,
My heart begins pumping, I really want this to last.
Hold me, touch me, all over me,
kiss on my neck and explain how you feel.
Give me all your love, be with me,
and eat me like 

Alive or Dead!

I like the wind, blow my hair, 
messed up my perfect made hairstyle
& make me feel like a bird.

I like the tiny droplets of rain
on my expensive little black dress, 
all wet and make me feel alive.

I like the dark forests,
deep and intense with hidden secrets,
just like my heart.

I love you after knowing the fact
that you're not the one for me,
even though it hurt!!

The One & The Best

Whatever she wore, she wore it best,
With a charming smile & confidence.
From madness to that little black dress,
There is no lie in her fire.
Even when her bun was a mess,
she was the one to be admire.
There was no contest between her and the rest,
Cause she always knew she's the best!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Because You're Worthy & Deserving!

Wait for someone you is hopefully romantic with a dirty mind because they'll be yours at 2 am in the morning and holding on to you at 2 pm in the afternoon.

They'll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts.
Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something.

Someone, who be an extremely good boy in public and make love like an animal in private.
Someone who respects you like a lady but holds your throat tightly while kissing.

Someone, who makes the morning coffee for you and don't let you sleep the whole night. 
Wait for that someone because he's worth and because you deserve!

Monday, 15 May 2017

This Mother's Day, celebrate it every day!

So today is not Mother's day and I'm still having a wonderful day in which my mom is present. Yesterday we reminded our moms how lucky we are having them in our lives. Social media dedicated some best cheesy messages and companies shared videos they had produced particularly to cash in on the day. But are we back to making this world an amazing place for our moms? We love them; we respect them but why just a day out of 365. Why only a single day for our moms from the lives we have taken from them only. It's like giving a part of the part which is already a part of her. We are in love with them so why posting their pictures on fb or insta just today and then forget her all days. And really, sharing pictures for mom on social media (she's not even there) is worth? I know moms are special and it's good to make them feel special. But my point is why only a day, why not every single day of the year. She kept a baby in her womb for 9 months and took utmost care without the baby asking for it. So why just a day dedicated not our whole life? Last year I gifted my mom an expensive sari, chocolates and a plain letter which says thanks for my existence. And believe me, out of all the things she loved the letter the most. She told me in her time they people never used to celebrate Mother's Day particularly but that doesn't mean they didn’t love their moms. I guess they did more than us, they just didn't show off. Yes, I didn't wish her any Mother's Day, I didn't put up a picture of her n me over social media, I didn't get a gift or cake to make her realise that I love her. I better do that the whole year. Giving her just a day from the life she has given me is not ethical. All she wants is attention, time and love. Like she gives us! So this Mother's Day I'm going to celebrate each and every day telling her that she is important and special and I love her. Why put our best-children-out-there sashes on and celebrate motherhood just for one day?
It was Mother's Day yesterday but sadly we just showed off instead of really celebrating it!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Together But Not Forever!

Sometimes happy sometimes sad,
We do good things sometimes bad

Memories, from you is all I have,
From the book that we created with love

Thank you, is all I can say,
For everything, for each day

A reason to live, because of you,
I have loved you and yes it's true

Destiny may made us meet each other,
But, we are not destinied to be together

The Girl

The Girl

Under the shut eyes, hides the eyes that are full of mysteries and expressions.
Close the curtain, you'll see a frowning girl.
Open the curtain, you'll see a laughing girl.
Tired and restless, her smile dimmed the sun for its brightness.

Under the cover of her sheets lies a girl with faded hope.
She seemed like the type who could handle the world.
Behind everything that has a heartbeat, there is a girl who deeply doesn't want to face the world.
Courage and acceptance turned into discouragement and fear.

She may be the best writer for she could think out of the box.
But for her, it really means she is best at escaping reality.
A girl full of vanity is really a girl with deep insecurities.
A girl who looks like she has it all when in fact, she is just a normal girl full of flaws.

The girl behind every show is a girl who wishes to be happy like how everyone else managed to be.
The girl behind is the antonym of herself outside the stage.
She is the best actress because she loves to pretend.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

I'll Burn You Too!

It's not about you, 
believe me it's really not.
It's about me, I'm scared,
not of you but of myself,
because it feels so perfect
like I've got everything
I wanted and waited for so long.

Those laughter, kisses and hugs;
that scare me.
Scare me that it won't be 
like this forever.
Scare me that one day 
it'll not be the same.

So believe me, it's not about you.
I'm just scared that I'll burn you too 
with myself.
I'm just scared that this perfect feeling
won't be so perfect for long &
I'll find flaws, not in you 
but in us!

I miss you!

Whenever it rains, I miss you.
I miss you from the bottom of my heart,
from the top of my life,
from the zeal of my eyes,
and from the depth of my voice!

Whenever it shines, I miss you.
I miss you like the sunflowers miss the sun,
like the starts miss the moon,
like the trees miss the birds,
and I miss to see you soon!

Whenever it pains, I miss you,
I miss you to be with you, 
to hold your hand,
to look into your eyes,
to walk down the streets,
and to see how the sun greets!

Monday, 6 March 2017

At the end of the day!

I will make a big sigh and stare at the sky,

I will dream of butterflies and unicorns and smile.

I will have nightmares that are endless and cry,

I will go outside and start the day bright.

I will grab my suit of fake smile and lie,

Pretend and hide beneath this bright sunlight.

At the end of the day that is how it is!

I talk to friends and laugh cause everything's fine,

No one knows, no one must know that I'm not alright.

I am miserable inside and I don't want them to see,

I need someone but I shouldn't ask anyone,

I need help but I shouldn't cry for one.

Because I know those things will not solve it,

At the end of the day that is how it is!

I will feel empty and rush to my room,

Grab a blanket, a pillow and hide.

Cover the wounds that I carry at night,

I have no one to share my emotions and fears,

They think they know me, they know only best.

But they never know me behind this mess,

At the end of the day that is how it is!

With my hand reaching out and mouth shutting up,

My eyes crying out and knees bending down.

With my everything caged with no way out,

At the end of the day... that is how it is!

She just wanted more!

She wanted more of him. She wanted more than just casual greetings and modest smiles when they cross paths. She wanted more than just "Hey, how are you?" and "See you around." She wanted more than just staring at him from afar. She wanted more than just his "I love you." She wanted to feel it. She wanted to see it in his eyes when he says those words. She wanted him to say it and really mean it.
She wanted more than weekly visits and scheduled dates. She wanted more than just "I'm sorry, I was asleep." and "I'll make it up to you, I promise.". She wanted to feel like she is his priority and not just a second choice - not just an option. She wanted more than just being his back up plan in case things don't go his way. She wanted more than just random calls and sudden change of plans. 
She wanted more than just "I'm busy." or "I'll check my schedule.". She wanted more of his presence. She wanted more than just his absences and lame excuses. She wanted more than just having to wait when he's available. She wanted more than just being patient. She wanted more than his "You know I love you, right?". She wanted more than just knowing it and having to say "I do." even when her heart was screaming "I know you don't."
She wanted more of him, but that was all he could give!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

And she falls!!

She stares, he melts.
Her looks, they pull him in.
She, a simple girl yet extraordinary.

She speaks, he stops.
Her laughter, it fills him up.
She, the girl that everyone notices yet no one sees. 

She moves, he follows.
Her actions, they knock him out.
She, the one who fills the heart and empties the mind. 

She smiles, he freezes.
Her words, they strike him down.
She, the one who cries alone. 

She laughs, he falls.
Her voice, it makes him shiver.
She, the one who loves him back!

Monday, 6 February 2017

You turned My Mightysatiety Into Reality!

You saw the brown in my eyes,

The grey in my hair,

The blemish on my skin,

My hidden despair.

In a moment of candour,

Beneath the yellow light,

You conjured up my fears,

But brightened up the night.

You saw the scars on my wrist,

The pride in my glare,

The seal on my lip,

The quiet in my air.

In a moment of candour,

You axed my broken ties,

Painted me in Prussian blue

And opened up my eyes.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Our Sleepless Night

It's impossible for this ineffable adventure.
Again as we lay next to each other, 
your intoxicating eyes and the charming smile
making me lose my conscience.

And your splendid touch is adoring my soul.
You wrap your arms around me and hold me against your heart,
like there might be no other moment, no other night.

I keep telling you to move your gaze coz 
it makes me blush but
you hold like this you won't let go this sight.

My palms on your chest,
as your lips take away the shiver of my lips.
As we embrace each other body, lay there naked
and close our eyes.

Your lushy voice whispering into my ears the last time,
'You'd be mine forever!'