Sunday 24 July 2016

Will you be a part of my poetry??

Let me dive into the oceans of your secret thoughts, While
I promise not to reveal your treasures to the world outside.
Let me run my eyes through your soul, While
I promise to touch the infinities inside you.
Let me be the charming character of your story, While
I promise not to leave you till the last chapter.
Let me taste your breath, While
I promise to close my eyes when doing so.
Let me gaze at you like I gaze at twinkling stars, While
I promise to do that from a distance. 

Let me sit for hours in beautiful silences with you, While
I promise to have the most magical conversation.
Let me call you the reason I believe in magic, While
I promise not to rob you of your magic dust.
Let me press my lips against yours, While
I promise to leave you wanting more.
Let me trace my fingers on your spine and see your
eyelashes fluttering, While
I promise to leave the impression of my fingers on you the
way an inked feather beautifully leaves on a notebook.
Let me make you a part of my poetry, And
I promise I won’t ask for anything more!!