Saturday, 26 August 2017

You too are my favourite last meal!

You're the cream of my coffee, my perfect caffeine.
You're my favourite flavour if you know what I mean.
With you my body trying to converse,
and asking for a little love bite.
My soul burning and making it worse,
I want you to wake me up the whole night.

Just one taste of yours makes my pulse rate fast,
My heart begins pumping, I really want this to last.
Hold me, touch me, all over me,
kiss on my neck and explain how you feel.
Give me all your love, be with me,
and eat me like 

Alive or Dead!

I like the wind, blow my hair, 
messed up my perfect made hairstyle
& make me feel like a bird.

I like the tiny droplets of rain
on my expensive little black dress, 
all wet and make me feel alive.

I like the dark forests,
deep and intense with hidden secrets,
just like my heart.

I love you after knowing the fact
that you're not the one for me,
even though it hurt!!

The One & The Best

Whatever she wore, she wore it best,
With a charming smile & confidence.
From madness to that little black dress,
There is no lie in her fire.
Even when her bun was a mess,
she was the one to be admire.
There was no contest between her and the rest,
Cause she always knew she's the best!