Tuesday, 7 November 2017

From Life to Slut, A break up changed her character!

To the guy who once called me his life and now calls me a slut,

Remember the time when we met, how instantly we connected and at that very moment I knew we’re gonna grow old together. Remember how you used to write all those long beautiful letters to me and how we used to talk till midnight sitting in your balcony and sipping the perfect hot cup of tea made by you.  I can still feel how bad you felt and you were almost in tears when I told you my past experiences. I can still feel the agony and hatred and anger you had for all those men who ever put me down. Remember, when the first thing you wanted to see in the morning was my face and the last thing you wanted to do before sleeping was kissing my forehead. How you used to call me your life and how used to love me like one day I would be your wife. Remember how you used to respect me like your mom and made promises to keep me like the royal crown on your head.

There’s a reason I’m trying to remind you all those moments. I’m reminding you how good we were until things started turning out bad between us. How blessed we were with each other until I remembered the priorities and goals of my life are different from yours.  How much happy we were like an inspirational and favourite couple for everyone until I found out that happiness was just a illusion in my mind and I was enjoying the outside scenic beauty from a cage.

I broke the cage!

I broke all the chains you had were holding me with, to experience the world, to taste the free river water, to dance in the dense forests, to travel the world outside my window and to make my spectacular mark on the world. And just when I swear to live my life to the fullest, you happened to be the biggest stone in my way. And I LEFT YOU.  I left you not to insult you or hurt your ego but because of the suffocation of dead relationship I was going through. I left you because of your lack of commitments towards me and our relationship and our future. But I tried before leaving; I swear I did try my level best to make a beautiful US.

Things turned out real ugly and bad and I knew that I had to go my way. I knew we’re not meant to be together. Yes, we loved each other but I guess loving was not enough to keep each other happy. We never saw each other again and believe me I have no complaints in my heart for you. It’s just I have a question for you. Question about the love you showed me once and about the respect you created a whole scene with. I want to question your words and for the sake of all those beautiful moments we spent together, you have to answer me. You have to answer me about the bad mouthing behind my back. For calling me a SLUT and other bad names. I just have a question that if I’m a slut, how come you fell for me. How come you wanted to marry me and make cute little babies and cut to the future of us having so many grand kids playing in our garden!?

But leave it. There’s no point of clearing out stuff. There is no point I will believe you again and make you my universe. I am not seeking for answers, just an advice to all those guys out there who first call girls their life and then judge their characters after breakup. Just look back to your words and all those promises you made to respect her all your life. Be a man of your words because karma will always come back to you my friend. Before calling that girl a slut think about your sister at home. Think about your mom waiting for you at home. She was once your life and now your life is a SLUT, does it sound right?!

once your life and now GOD knows!

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Dear LOVE, Sorry for quitting!

Dear Love,

Maybe you and I are not meant to be together. Maybe we should stop making each other fool. Maybe we should stop making ourselves fool. Love has its own kinds. There is no doubt that this is pure love but our love is not the kind which blooms flower and shine bright like a diamond. Our kind of love is the one which destroys. The one with passion but aggression, the one with care but obsession. Our love is like the lord Shiva, the beginner but the end, the creator but the destroyer. So, instead of us devastating each other to the point where we’ll be no longer able to see us together, we should move apart. We were sure sharing the same sky but our constellations were different. We were sure sharing the same pillows but our dreams were different. We were sure giving each other emotional support but our pain is different. We take each other’s old pain and then we give each other new sores. We might be each other’s cure but that cure gives birth to new wounds. And I do believe I can never be the alchemy of anyone’s desire and no one can turn my mighty-satiety in reality. So, maybe in this life instead of fighting with destiny for us to be together, we should flow with it and accept.  Maybe on different shores, we’ll meet and be together forever in our dreams and lock each other’s memories in a bottle and keep it close to our hearts. Maybe in some other life we’ll be able to take each other’s pain and instead of giving each other wounds, we’ll give joy and love. Maybe in some other instance, we’ll be mature enough to understand each other. And just like others, our love will be able to bloom flowers and create happiness. Maybe in some other time we’ll be together forever. But in this life my love, you and I are not meant to be together.

The one who loves you but couldn't be yours!"