Friday, 3 November 2017

My Dear LOVE, Sorry for quitting!

Dear Love,

Maybe you and I are not meant to be together. Maybe we should stop making each other fool. Maybe we should stop making ourselves fool. Love has its own kinds. There is no doubt that this is pure love but our love is not the kind which blooms flower and shine bright like a diamond. Our kind of love is the one which destroys. The one with passion but aggression, the one with care but obsession. Our love is like the lord Shiva, the beginner but the end, the creator but the destroyer. So, instead of us devastating each other to the point where we’ll be no longer able to see us together, we should move apart. We were sure sharing the same sky but our constellations were different. We were sure sharing the same pillows but our dreams were different. We were sure giving each other emotional support but our pain is different. We take each other’s old pain and then we give each other new sores. We might be each other’s cure but that cure gives birth to new wounds. And I do believe I can never be the alchemy of anyone’s desire and no one can turn my mighty-satiety in reality. So, maybe in this life instead of fighting with destiny for us to be together, we should flow with it and accept.  Maybe on different shores, we’ll meet and be together forever in our dreams and lock each other’s memories in a bottle and keep it close to our hearts. Maybe in some other life we’ll be able to take each other’s pain and instead of giving each other wounds, we’ll give joy and love. Maybe in some other instance, we’ll be mature enough to understand each other. And just like others, our love will be able to bloom flowers and create happiness. Maybe in some other time we’ll be together forever. But in this life my love, you and I are not meant to be together.

The one who loves you but couldn't be yours!"

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