Monday, 29 June 2015

7 Reasons I Never Fight With My Bestie ;p

No matter how many friends I have on my Facebook list, no matter with how many people I chill out. But no one can take my best friend’s place in my heart. No matter how much we fight or after how many days we meet, but I know she will be always there for me as a “Support System”. She always remains irreplaceable because she is the one who knows me, more than I know myself! I always have the Best time when we’re together, we laugh, we cry, we dance, we gossip, we party, and even we fight but there are some reasons I never have the guts for real Cold-War with her:

1.      Knows all my Secrets
Fighting for long with her is like dancing in front of a snake, in short inviting trouble because she knows all my secrets (including dirty ones ;p) She knows all my past-life scandals and the list of guys I dumped. Whether it’s about my secret wish list or my secret crush, my crazy fantasies or my fears, nothing remained out of her sight. From my smoking drinking bad habits to my clingy ex-boyfriends, she knows all!

2.     Unconditional Support  
Whether I fight with my family or boyfriend, I always know whom to call to get back my senses. The times I get upset, she exactly knows how to make me feel better. I even call her at 2 am, not to talk but to sob as long as I want. And she patiently listen everything, which I never say. She supports me in everything, right or wrong, never matters. Who else can do that for me?!

3.      True Soul-mate
She is like my shadow, my true soul-mate. No one can ever be able to understand me the way she does. She knows exactly what happening in my life. She can understand my thoughts and actions better than me, like they’re her own. She knows why I do the things I do, she knows every time why I feel the way I feel. I don’t need to say aloud that I’m upset or happy. She knows me like a part of her!

4.     Partner in Crime
All the crazy stuff I think to do, she is the morale supporter, who never asks why I want to do this shit but support me and even guide me how to mess the things, literally. I just need to tell her and she is already the partner in all my crimes. Whether it’s about money for boozing or lie to mom for new-year’s late night party, or even puking together in the sink after drinking heavily. She is always right beside me!

5.     Seen me in my worst
There is no room for awkwardness between us because she has seen me in my worst. She has seen Everything, right from my colorful-streaks-face to crying-for-my-ex boyfriend-face, she has been the one and only witness. She didn’t even see everything but always support me to get better than before. She was right there when I needed a shoulder to cry, to wipe my tears and to support me, all the way she could have!

6.     Ridiculously Loyal
Of course she is my best friend, but she is ridiculously loyal towards me. She always argues when it comes to my safety and protection. My best friend won’t let anyone hurt me ever or let anything bad happen to me ever. As if it is in her hands! No one else can give me a better and honest opinion about what’s looking good or what’s looking bad on me. She even tells me that she doesn’t like the guy I’m dating. Phewww.. Too Loyal!!

7.     Enjoyment, all the way
When it comes to enjoyment, we’ve the best time when we’re together. We always try to enjoy every second of our life. Shopping, trying dresses in the same trying-room, watching movies, burning the dance floor, checking out guys, complimenting each other, comparing our weight on weighing machine, doing crazy stuff together, these are just a sort of. We can try and do everything to get the kick called ‘Enjoyment’

Having a lot of friends at the different stage of life is not the big deal, but having a same friend at every stage is! Friendship is the only relation we find by ourselves, so it’s better to find only one friend rather of many, who stand by us forever in everything. The friend who can be by your side when the world is against you. She is my best friend that’s why she always remains irreplaceable. For heaven’s sake, I can never ever think to fight with my bestie, because she is as special for me as I’m for her!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

8 Reasons why being in a relationship with your best friend is the best damn thing!

Being in the love is the most beautiful feeling, but fall in love with the perfect guy is like a dream come true. And especially if the guy is your best friend, you feel like the luckiest girl in this world. Being in a relationship with your best friend is the most awesome   thing ever happens. Believe me! And here are the reasons

1.    You know all his Secrets
There is no room for any surprise or shock because all his secrets are already out in front of you. His drinking and smoking habits to his past clingy ex-girlfriends, you know everything.

2.    You already know about his expectations from the relationship
You know his ideologies and expectations from you and from the relationship. You know exactly what he thinks, wants to get married to you or not, if yes then when. There is no guessing games, no fears.

3.    You understand his priorities as well
You know what exactly he wants to do in his life, his career goals and expectation from his job. You know his priorities, whether it is you, his parents, or his job. So you will be always there to support.

4.    You will never get bored
You will never get bored with him because you’ve already done so many things together. So you always have something to talk. You can talk about everything happening under the sun. And you always get some stuff to talk and laugh together.

5.    You know his sex life rather well
The truth is, you already know all about his past relationships. And he came to you for sharing something about his sexual life or for the advice he needed. Surprisingly, you know what all things he likes in bed.

6.    You don’t need to impress him all the time
You don’t need to be perfect in front of him, all the time. You can easily skip the ‘I have to impress him’ kind of drama. There is no need to impress him. No pressures at all! He is not going to judge you as if you are in the fashion competition.

7.    You’ve seen him in his worst
Yes, you’ve seen him in his worst and so is he. He knows your fault and you guys were there for each other in the bad. From his puking-face to crying-for-his-girlfriend-face, there is nothing wrong about him that you didn’t see or know.

8.    You know him from inside out
There is no room for any awkward silences between you both. You can judge by seeing him that is sad or hurt. And moreover, you’re friends first from always, so he doesn’t have to say loud everything.

You’ve reached that comfort zone in your relationship where he is perfect for you and so as you for him. So if you are dating your best friend, aren’t you the luckiest?

Monday, 22 June 2015

5 things we can only do with our girlfriends!

5 things we can only do with our girl friends

A girl can live without a boyfriend but not without a girlfriend. Whether a girl has a perfect boyfriend who is sweet and caring enough, always hang out with her but still hanging out with old girlfriends is too much fun and nothing can compare that. Girls always need a girlfriend, or a support system to be there for them like a backup.
The list below, are the things we can only and only do with our girlfriends.

We agree or not but every girl love to gossip. For the centuries, gossiping is women’s favorite pastime and it is our birth right to gossip. No matter about what, no matter about whom, we girls just love to gossip about almost everything with our girlfriends. Even we remark each other for cute underwear and from where we bought it.

Doesn’t matter how much we girls love our guy, we always find other guys cute and hot. And this is something we can’t tell or discuss with our boyfriends. Finding other guy cute is not cheating on your boyfriend but guys just can’t understand that. So with our girlfriends we can actually giggles and talk about guys without a second thought.
Dirty Talks
Guys think only they can talk dirty and share double meaning and non-veg jokes with their guy friends but this is not true. Guys, you can’t even think what we girls share and talk about. From our wild fantasies to crushes, sexual need to our boyfriend’s bed timing, we girls share everything what we like, what we hate with our girlfriends. Dirty talks and making fun of each other’s boyfriends are exactly our things.

Feel free
There is a difference between a smile and laughter. With our girlfriend we laugh hard about almost everything. We don’t need to pretend something or someone else to them. We can scream, run after each other, say aloud whatever we want, eat the way we want to and do all the crazy stuff. We always feel free and share everything with our girlfriends without thinking twice.

Secrets can be good or bad but we girls do share our secret with each other. Whether it is about the future or about ex and their current girlfriends. Like, that they are worried about money or cheated on their boyfriend. Girls share an comfortable emotional bond with each other with full of trust. We text each other, “I have a news” like the good news of pregnancy.

We just love to pull our hair into a messy knot or bun on the tippy top of our head, lay and sleep together in the same bed and fall asleep giggling about nothing. So it’s time to say thanks to our life support system and love them.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

6 signs that show you're a complete workaholic

Being committed to and passionate about your job are good qualities but being a complete workaholic is not. Sometimes you take your work so serious that you don’t even realize that you became a workaholic. If you are a complete workaholic, the latter is a serious condition. After all, work is a part of life not the whole life.
These are the signs that show the distinction between having a strong work ethic and being a workaholic.

You always arrive office early and leave late
If you’re the first one to arrive in office and last to leave, yes you’re workaholic! You might think coming office early is helpful to focus on your work because office is quitter and there is no one to disturb you. You might think leaving late is the way to organize your work for another day. Be careful of doing both all the time.

You don’t have real hobbies
If someone asks you about your hobby, you always come up with reading reports and work at office. Except working in office, you don’t have a real hobby. Your hobby can be anything, from painting to playing or dancing to cooking.  A hobb is a thing which makes you feel alive, happy and satisfied but if you don’t do such thing, believe that you’re a complete workaholic!

You get stressed when you’re not at work
Feeling stressed at work helps you to do your work or project on time. It can motivate you to the finish line. But when you’re not at work and still feel stressed out, you must be concerned about the source of your stress. If you’re working more than you’re vacationing while on vacation, seems like you’re workaholic!

You don’t have any personal life
If your partner, family or friends started missing you and are feeling that you’re never on time or never around them because of your work, you must be concerned.  You’re not able to give time to your family and telling your colleagues that they can call you regarding work at any time, going out with your partner and still on phone solving any work issue. You have to believe that you have lost your personal life because of your extent to work.

You hide work from your beloved ones
Just imagine! Your partner is working at home in late hours after you slept. He leaves you cuddling on the bed for his work, chose other room and completes his project. How it feels like? The work can’t be important more than the girlsleeping next. If you’re doing exactly the same, now you can see the sickness in it and might be time to pay the attention.

You rarely say Yes
You rarely say yes to your friends, though you never say no to your boss for extra work or responsibilities. You mostly miss the happy hours, birthday parties, get together and family reunions with the excuse “I have to work”. Eventually your suffering friends will stop asking and even if you come, you just give a cameo appearance. You need to say no to your work and allow yourself to enjoy with family and friends.

We work for living, we don’t live for work. Work is just a part of our life, that’s not the whole life. So sometimes it is better to say no to work, find some time for yourself and your beloved ones. After all on the death bed no one remember about the work promotions but close friends and family!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Secrets inside a girl's bag!

From harry potter movie, Hermione granger’s bag is the best and perfect description for every girl’s bag. A woman always makes sure to keep her whole universe in her bag. Bags are not known for only as accessory these days, it became a second home for every other girl, like you and like me. Whether it is a side sling bag or clutch, a big one or small, leather or plastic, ladies never forget to carry their second home with them. According to different events or occasions, they step out from home with their matching best friend.

The list below will tell the secrets inside her bag.

Lipsticks are the most common thing that one can find in every girl’s purse. Girls never take chances with their lipsticks. So from pink to orange and red to nude, almost every shade is right there in their bag.

Cosmetic Mirror
Every girl is beautiful in her own way and to check that, a cosmetic mirror is a must. She always needs a mirror to look at herself in between her work, before an important meeting or date.

When it comes to keys, a bag is a must.  Only a girl can understand how difficult it is to find a key inside her bag. It’s like finding a pearl in an ocean but never ways, we girls always keep the keys in our bag. It can be either house keys or car keys.

Money Purse
Guys can’t understand the thing bag inside a bag. But every girl does. Money purse or a small valet which contains cash, shopping cards, credit cards is always in a girl’s bag. But, of course in an organized way.

No girl can leave her comb behind. A comb is a must in every girl’s bag, whether she is a short hair girl or curly. While she is going out for professional work or with friends, comb is always there in her bag.

Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary napkins are really essential to carry by every girl. Whether she is on her periods or not, she is always careful and never forgets to keep one in her bag.

Whether the journey is of half an hour or more than a day, girls never get bored as they have their headphones or earphones with them. Earphones become a companion in every journey and no girl fails to carry those in her bag.

These are the things one can find in every girl’s bag. But it’s a bad manner to peep inside any girl’s bag because only we girls know how much mess it is ;)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How to get sex and love back??

How to get love and sex back in your life?

Okay, so here is a question…

Do you remember the first time your husband saw you naked?                             Do you remember what it felt like?
Do you remember what he felt like?

Now many will try to remember and then maybe think they don’t remember. But like you can never forget your first kiss, your first crush, you can’t forget about it too. That feel, his expressions, first few sentences he said, you just can’t forget.

Now this might be a little harder..
Do you remember the second time your husband saw you naked?

For a first few months everything seems perfect. A world full of love, care and sex. In starting you must are very enthusiastic and can find every other opportunity to make love. Everything you do is just another way to have sex. It’s not that it was just sex but of course the quality time you spend together. And you always knew that there was always more sex, just around the corner. But things never remain same.

THEN IT HAPPENED, You got Pregnant.
But you must have promised your husband that nothing would change and sometimes after pregnancy, even though in awkward situation, you definitely made it work. Until the time, you could have possibly. You were so determined and often successful.

Then the Event came. Nature’s greatest miracle… and cock block! From that moment on, everything was just completely changed. No two ways about it. Not that you didn’t try but things were not in place. Every time you thought to bang your husband, your new born awoke. Your world seemed to revolve around your baby. Your time and your love divided, priorities changed so were you! The love making and sex part just flew away from your life and you didn’t even realize. It completely vanished from your life. It doesn’t mean you never thought about it, but you got busy running after your child for the whole day, feeding him, taking care of him, helping him in his homework and slogging your ass-off for the whole day. After it you didn’t feel like doing anything.  Sex became just outdated because of your children.

And if one made it difficult, two made it almost impossible!

Now, do you remember the last time your husband saw you naked?                                 Don’t even think about it, it might be so embarrassing.

The big question is – how the hell do you get it back?

Monday, 8 June 2015

Let's talk about it!

Subhash Chandra Bose said, “Give me blood and I will give you freedom” I am the girl giving blood since I was 14 years old and yet I can’t even think of freedom. Freedom seems impossible to get. Yes, I’m bleeding! Yes, I have my periods! But there is nothing to feel ashamed of. People think that a menstruating woman is impure, sick or even cursed. They don’t even talk about this. I never figured out why? Why they feel ashamed and for what they feel ashamed?
Menstruation is a natural and healthy body process. Menstrual fluid is just a mixture of blood and tissue that was not utilized to nourish a baby in the womb. But there are a number of myths for menstruation in our society. Even they give expressions full of disgust when they hear the word related to period. The other day I went to a shop and I simply asked for a packet of sanitary pad. The counter was little rushed and the aunty and uncle standing there didn’t see on each other face. They gave disgusting look like I asked the shopkeeper to come and have sex with me. Then the shopkeeper gave a packet of pad covered in one sheet of newspaper, then another sheet of newspaper and then in a polythene. It didn’t stop here because he was looking for a black color of polythene. So I asked him to keep covering it, I would get it when I will back from the work. It was just a sanitary napkin, not some kind of material for bomb making or drugs.
 In Hindi language, menstruation cycle is called, “maasik-dharma” but it seem more like “maasik-dharna”. This is the time of the month where everything stops! Even here is a long rule book with rules like don’t touch this, don’t touch that, don’t go into the kitchen, don’t go to temple, don’t touch curd, don’t touch pickle, don’t sleep on bed and many more. Just imagine a rapist, a murderer, a political leader who had so many frauds and scams in his life can get entry in the temple but not a girl on her periods. Who made this rule? Not my God, for sure! My God can’t be so small. My God can’t make conditions and rules for remembering or worshipping him.
Yes I’m leaking, and sometimes it’s like a trickle, sometimes it’s like a waterfall and sometimes it’s like Tsunami. When I’m on my period, I’m already bearing a lot of pain. It’s my body that pained like hell, it’s my legs that swell up, it’s my stomach that cramps and moreover it’s my mood that swings. And there is a rule book which I also has to follow of course! Even we girls behave different, become so conscious and serious about everything we do. What I wear, how I wear, how I walk, how I talk, how I sit, what I eat and even whom do I talk to, matters. Girls! Just stay free, care free.. Only we can bear the pain, that’s why boys don’t bleed. We are strong enough to handle it.

And I would seriously like to say thanks Twinkle Khanna for writing the blog on periods. Rupy Kaur to putting up a picture of just a stain and shame on Instagram to pulling down the picture twice. They don’t have any problem with naked pictures but yeah for just a stain, they sure have.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I try to think about my life today,
I have to search myself a path today.
This life that almighty gave to me,
I hope I can do better for me!

Each life is a God's beautiful creation,
There is a purpose for each person.
Some will build, some will break,
Depend on you, how and what you make!

I will reach my goal someday, 
make myself a home to stay.
I'll be satisfied with what I'll have, 
That's my way to say thanks for what he gave!