Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How to get sex and love back??

How to get love and sex back in your life?

Okay, so here is a question…

Do you remember the first time your husband saw you naked?                             Do you remember what it felt like?
Do you remember what he felt like?

Now many will try to remember and then maybe think they don’t remember. But like you can never forget your first kiss, your first crush, you can’t forget about it too. That feel, his expressions, first few sentences he said, you just can’t forget.

Now this might be a little harder..
Do you remember the second time your husband saw you naked?

For a first few months everything seems perfect. A world full of love, care and sex. In starting you must are very enthusiastic and can find every other opportunity to make love. Everything you do is just another way to have sex. It’s not that it was just sex but of course the quality time you spend together. And you always knew that there was always more sex, just around the corner. But things never remain same.

THEN IT HAPPENED, You got Pregnant.
But you must have promised your husband that nothing would change and sometimes after pregnancy, even though in awkward situation, you definitely made it work. Until the time, you could have possibly. You were so determined and often successful.

Then the Event came. Nature’s greatest miracle… and cock block! From that moment on, everything was just completely changed. No two ways about it. Not that you didn’t try but things were not in place. Every time you thought to bang your husband, your new born awoke. Your world seemed to revolve around your baby. Your time and your love divided, priorities changed so were you! The love making and sex part just flew away from your life and you didn’t even realize. It completely vanished from your life. It doesn’t mean you never thought about it, but you got busy running after your child for the whole day, feeding him, taking care of him, helping him in his homework and slogging your ass-off for the whole day. After it you didn’t feel like doing anything.  Sex became just outdated because of your children.

And if one made it difficult, two made it almost impossible!

Now, do you remember the last time your husband saw you naked?                                 Don’t even think about it, it might be so embarrassing.

The big question is – how the hell do you get it back?

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