Thursday 25 June 2015

8 Reasons why being in a relationship with your best friend is the best damn thing!

Being in the love is the most beautiful feeling, but fall in love with the perfect guy is like a dream come true. And especially if the guy is your best friend, you feel like the luckiest girl in this world. Being in a relationship with your best friend is the most awesome   thing ever happens. Believe me! And here are the reasons

1.    You know all his Secrets
There is no room for any surprise or shock because all his secrets are already out in front of you. His drinking and smoking habits to his past clingy ex-girlfriends, you know everything.

2.    You already know about his expectations from the relationship
You know his ideologies and expectations from you and from the relationship. You know exactly what he thinks, wants to get married to you or not, if yes then when. There is no guessing games, no fears.

3.    You understand his priorities as well
You know what exactly he wants to do in his life, his career goals and expectation from his job. You know his priorities, whether it is you, his parents, or his job. So you will be always there to support.

4.    You will never get bored
You will never get bored with him because you’ve already done so many things together. So you always have something to talk. You can talk about everything happening under the sun. And you always get some stuff to talk and laugh together.

5.    You know his sex life rather well
The truth is, you already know all about his past relationships. And he came to you for sharing something about his sexual life or for the advice he needed. Surprisingly, you know what all things he likes in bed.

6.    You don’t need to impress him all the time
You don’t need to be perfect in front of him, all the time. You can easily skip the ‘I have to impress him’ kind of drama. There is no need to impress him. No pressures at all! He is not going to judge you as if you are in the fashion competition.

7.    You’ve seen him in his worst
Yes, you’ve seen him in his worst and so is he. He knows your fault and you guys were there for each other in the bad. From his puking-face to crying-for-his-girlfriend-face, there is nothing wrong about him that you didn’t see or know.

8.    You know him from inside out
There is no room for any awkward silences between you both. You can judge by seeing him that is sad or hurt. And moreover, you’re friends first from always, so he doesn’t have to say loud everything.

You’ve reached that comfort zone in your relationship where he is perfect for you and so as you for him. So if you are dating your best friend, aren’t you the luckiest?

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