Monday 8 June 2015

Let's talk about it!

Subhash Chandra Bose said, “Give me blood and I will give you freedom” I am the girl giving blood since I was 14 years old and yet I can’t even think of freedom. Freedom seems impossible to get. Yes, I’m bleeding! Yes, I have my periods! But there is nothing to feel ashamed of. People think that a menstruating woman is impure, sick or even cursed. They don’t even talk about this. I never figured out why? Why they feel ashamed and for what they feel ashamed?
Menstruation is a natural and healthy body process. Menstrual fluid is just a mixture of blood and tissue that was not utilized to nourish a baby in the womb. But there are a number of myths for menstruation in our society. Even they give expressions full of disgust when they hear the word related to period. The other day I went to a shop and I simply asked for a packet of sanitary pad. The counter was little rushed and the aunty and uncle standing there didn’t see on each other face. They gave disgusting look like I asked the shopkeeper to come and have sex with me. Then the shopkeeper gave a packet of pad covered in one sheet of newspaper, then another sheet of newspaper and then in a polythene. It didn’t stop here because he was looking for a black color of polythene. So I asked him to keep covering it, I would get it when I will back from the work. It was just a sanitary napkin, not some kind of material for bomb making or drugs.
 In Hindi language, menstruation cycle is called, “maasik-dharma” but it seem more like “maasik-dharna”. This is the time of the month where everything stops! Even here is a long rule book with rules like don’t touch this, don’t touch that, don’t go into the kitchen, don’t go to temple, don’t touch curd, don’t touch pickle, don’t sleep on bed and many more. Just imagine a rapist, a murderer, a political leader who had so many frauds and scams in his life can get entry in the temple but not a girl on her periods. Who made this rule? Not my God, for sure! My God can’t be so small. My God can’t make conditions and rules for remembering or worshipping him.
Yes I’m leaking, and sometimes it’s like a trickle, sometimes it’s like a waterfall and sometimes it’s like Tsunami. When I’m on my period, I’m already bearing a lot of pain. It’s my body that pained like hell, it’s my legs that swell up, it’s my stomach that cramps and moreover it’s my mood that swings. And there is a rule book which I also has to follow of course! Even we girls behave different, become so conscious and serious about everything we do. What I wear, how I wear, how I walk, how I talk, how I sit, what I eat and even whom do I talk to, matters. Girls! Just stay free, care free.. Only we can bear the pain, that’s why boys don’t bleed. We are strong enough to handle it.

And I would seriously like to say thanks Twinkle Khanna for writing the blog on periods. Rupy Kaur to putting up a picture of just a stain and shame on Instagram to pulling down the picture twice. They don’t have any problem with naked pictures but yeah for just a stain, they sure have.

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