Monday, 22 June 2015

5 things we can only do with our girlfriends!

5 things we can only do with our girl friends

A girl can live without a boyfriend but not without a girlfriend. Whether a girl has a perfect boyfriend who is sweet and caring enough, always hang out with her but still hanging out with old girlfriends is too much fun and nothing can compare that. Girls always need a girlfriend, or a support system to be there for them like a backup.
The list below, are the things we can only and only do with our girlfriends.

We agree or not but every girl love to gossip. For the centuries, gossiping is women’s favorite pastime and it is our birth right to gossip. No matter about what, no matter about whom, we girls just love to gossip about almost everything with our girlfriends. Even we remark each other for cute underwear and from where we bought it.

Doesn’t matter how much we girls love our guy, we always find other guys cute and hot. And this is something we can’t tell or discuss with our boyfriends. Finding other guy cute is not cheating on your boyfriend but guys just can’t understand that. So with our girlfriends we can actually giggles and talk about guys without a second thought.
Dirty Talks
Guys think only they can talk dirty and share double meaning and non-veg jokes with their guy friends but this is not true. Guys, you can’t even think what we girls share and talk about. From our wild fantasies to crushes, sexual need to our boyfriend’s bed timing, we girls share everything what we like, what we hate with our girlfriends. Dirty talks and making fun of each other’s boyfriends are exactly our things.

Feel free
There is a difference between a smile and laughter. With our girlfriend we laugh hard about almost everything. We don’t need to pretend something or someone else to them. We can scream, run after each other, say aloud whatever we want, eat the way we want to and do all the crazy stuff. We always feel free and share everything with our girlfriends without thinking twice.

Secrets can be good or bad but we girls do share our secret with each other. Whether it is about the future or about ex and their current girlfriends. Like, that they are worried about money or cheated on their boyfriend. Girls share an comfortable emotional bond with each other with full of trust. We text each other, “I have a news” like the good news of pregnancy.

We just love to pull our hair into a messy knot or bun on the tippy top of our head, lay and sleep together in the same bed and fall asleep giggling about nothing. So it’s time to say thanks to our life support system and love them.

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