Monday 15 June 2015

Secrets inside a girl's bag!

From harry potter movie, Hermione granger’s bag is the best and perfect description for every girl’s bag. A woman always makes sure to keep her whole universe in her bag. Bags are not known for only as accessory these days, it became a second home for every other girl, like you and like me. Whether it is a side sling bag or clutch, a big one or small, leather or plastic, ladies never forget to carry their second home with them. According to different events or occasions, they step out from home with their matching best friend.

The list below will tell the secrets inside her bag.

Lipsticks are the most common thing that one can find in every girl’s purse. Girls never take chances with their lipsticks. So from pink to orange and red to nude, almost every shade is right there in their bag.

Cosmetic Mirror
Every girl is beautiful in her own way and to check that, a cosmetic mirror is a must. She always needs a mirror to look at herself in between her work, before an important meeting or date.

When it comes to keys, a bag is a must.  Only a girl can understand how difficult it is to find a key inside her bag. It’s like finding a pearl in an ocean but never ways, we girls always keep the keys in our bag. It can be either house keys or car keys.

Money Purse
Guys can’t understand the thing bag inside a bag. But every girl does. Money purse or a small valet which contains cash, shopping cards, credit cards is always in a girl’s bag. But, of course in an organized way.

No girl can leave her comb behind. A comb is a must in every girl’s bag, whether she is a short hair girl or curly. While she is going out for professional work or with friends, comb is always there in her bag.

Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary napkins are really essential to carry by every girl. Whether she is on her periods or not, she is always careful and never forgets to keep one in her bag.

Whether the journey is of half an hour or more than a day, girls never get bored as they have their headphones or earphones with them. Earphones become a companion in every journey and no girl fails to carry those in her bag.

These are the things one can find in every girl’s bag. But it’s a bad manner to peep inside any girl’s bag because only we girls know how much mess it is ;)

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