Monday, 15 May 2017

This Mother's Day, celebrate it every day!

So today is not Mother's day and I'm still having a wonderful day in which my mom is present. Yesterday we reminded our moms how lucky we are having them in our lives. Social media dedicated some best cheesy messages and companies shared videos they had produced particularly to cash in on the day. But are we back to making this world an amazing place for our moms? We love them; we respect them but why just a day out of 365. Why only a single day for our moms from the lives we have taken from them only. It's like giving a part of the part which is already a part of her. We are in love with them so why posting their pictures on fb or insta just today and then forget her all days. And really, sharing pictures for mom on social media (she's not even there) is worth? I know moms are special and it's good to make them feel special. But my point is why only a day, why not every single day of the year. She kept a baby in her womb for 9 months and took utmost care without the baby asking for it. So why just a day dedicated not our whole life? Last year I gifted my mom an expensive sari, chocolates and a plain letter which says thanks for my existence. And believe me, out of all the things she loved the letter the most. She told me in her time they people never used to celebrate Mother's Day particularly but that doesn't mean they didn’t love their moms. I guess they did more than us, they just didn't show off. Yes, I didn't wish her any Mother's Day, I didn't put up a picture of her n me over social media, I didn't get a gift or cake to make her realise that I love her. I better do that the whole year. Giving her just a day from the life she has given me is not ethical. All she wants is attention, time and love. Like she gives us! So this Mother's Day I'm going to celebrate each and every day telling her that she is important and special and I love her. Why put our best-children-out-there sashes on and celebrate motherhood just for one day?
It was Mother's Day yesterday but sadly we just showed off instead of really celebrating it!

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