Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Girl

The Girl

Under the shut eyes, hides the eyes that are full of mysteries and expressions.
Close the curtain, you'll see a frowning girl.
Open the curtain, you'll see a laughing girl.
Tired and restless, her smile dimmed the sun for its brightness.

Under the cover of her sheets lies a girl with faded hope.
She seemed like the type who could handle the world.
Behind everything that has a heartbeat, there is a girl who deeply doesn't want to face the world.
Courage and acceptance turned into discouragement and fear.

She may be the best writer for she could think out of the box.
But for her, it really means she is best at escaping reality.
A girl full of vanity is really a girl with deep insecurities.
A girl who looks like she has it all when in fact, she is just a normal girl full of flaws.

The girl behind every show is a girl who wishes to be happy like how everyone else managed to be.
The girl behind is the antonym of herself outside the stage.
She is the best actress because she loves to pretend.

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