Monday, 6 March 2017

At the end of the day!

I will make a big sigh and stare at the sky,

I will dream of butterflies and unicorns and smile.

I will have nightmares that are endless and cry,

I will go outside and start the day bright.

I will grab my suit of fake smile and lie,

Pretend and hide beneath this bright sunlight.

At the end of the day that is how it is!

I talk to friends and laugh cause everything's fine,

No one knows, no one must know that I'm not alright.

I am miserable inside and I don't want them to see,

I need someone but I shouldn't ask anyone,

I need help but I shouldn't cry for one.

Because I know those things will not solve it,

At the end of the day that is how it is!

I will feel empty and rush to my room,

Grab a blanket, a pillow and hide.

Cover the wounds that I carry at night,

I have no one to share my emotions and fears,

They think they know me, they know only best.

But they never know me behind this mess,

At the end of the day that is how it is!

With my hand reaching out and mouth shutting up,

My eyes crying out and knees bending down.

With my everything caged with no way out,

At the end of the day... that is how it is!

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