Thursday, 9 July 2015

5 things to know by every new girl in the city!


Though living alone is the best experience for any girl. But when it comes to leaving behind your parents, friends, town and moving to a totally new place, it brings thousands of changes mentally and emotionally. Leaving your home, travelling alone, shifting to a new place, makes you strong but these things make you alone also! With your stuff and baggage you carry a big bag of dreams, dreams to do something big, to prove your strength, to make your family and friend proud of you. From finding yourself a suitable job to a perfect flat of your own, enjoying every bit of your freedom to the lonely night sleep, everything comes altogether.
So if you ever moved somewhere alone or thinking to do so, you must need to know these things to stay aware and adapt the place asap:

 1. Research beforehand shifting
Shifting to a new place without knowing it can create trouble. First goggle your new place, nearby market, parlor, police station, malls, way to office or college. Get in touch with the old friends and known ones already living there. You must need to get familiar with your destination.

  2. Know your dreams
If you’re moving to a new city, you definitely need to know the reason behind your shifting. Whether it is about study or working in Bollywood industry, job in top MNC or starting your own business. This is very important to remember the dream which let you move to this place.

  3. Choose your friends wisely
Obviously you are missing badly your friends and family and you need a good company to move on. But don’t make any friend just for the sake of not being alone. You don’t need to keep yourself isolated but choose your friends wisely. Go on.. Have new friends in your neighbor, office and in the whole town. But remember precautions are better than cure.

  4. Explore new places and things
Now you’re in this city so you need to make it yours. So go out to new places, hang around with new people, explore the new exciting things out there. This will help you to mix up fast with the new place. The soon you get to know about a place, the soon you get familiar.

  5.  Embrace your freedom
As you were at home, you always used to think about this time, living alone, the freedom to make choices by your own. So now that you get it, you need to do all the crazy stuff who thought you will do. The joy and happiness of independence and the freedom to live your choices will certainly make you fall in love with your life. You will enjoy every bit of your freedom.

Life changes with time, people comes and leave, places you left, but we need to learn to accept the changes. It is not easy to leave your place and settle down elsewhere but it brings your bag full of opportunity and challenges to make your life lively and adventurous.

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