Sunday, 19 July 2015


How can I hate a man while I’m a daughter, a sister, even a girlfriend! I will be a wife, and moreover a mother of a son! I am extremely happy to have got a chance to clear this very widespread, but incorrect misconception about feminism that feminism has something to do with hating men. Feminism is nothing to do with hating men. It’s an extremely false stigma attached to feminism.
Ø Feminism basically is a range of movement and ideologies which share a common goal-The goal to bring about equality in rights of women in economic, cultural, personal and social aspects.
Ø It just demands equal platform for women to stand along with men.
Ø  A large number of people are being misinformed that one cannot be a feminist if she loves men. It’s indeed a surprising thing for me.
Ø One of the other most important thing is feminism is not gender specific. You don’t really require a vagina to be a feminist. Many men have well accepted this concept which includes famous male celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Harry Styles and many more.
Ø This misunderstanding has entered the society due to some feminist who hate men also known as misandrist. But misandry has nothing to do with feminism.
Ø Feminism is not a movement against men, it’s not about lowering men to raise women up, but it’s a movement to dismantle the prevailing patriarchy in the society.
Ø Feminism talks about our incorrect stereotyped assumption of some inherent qualities of men and women like women are the only people who can be emotional, cook and take care of the child and only men being biologically very strong can lift heavy weights and fight.
Ø Feminism protests against such inextricable linking of qualities to men and women just because these were some roles given to them years ago.
Ø Feminism basically is an amazing concept as it gives men, the right to cry and women, to be the breadwinner for her family.

I am very sure all of you knowing about it would like to support me and other women in establishing a firm foundation of this concept in the minds of the people which is extremely necessary for the well-being of the society.

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