Tuesday, 14 July 2015

6 Things Every Girl Want In Their Body

          We girls just love our body, very conscious about it. We always want to look prettier every day, doesn’t matter we are going to college or on our first date. There are few things which are heaven for us, but few things which pain like hell. The list below is the things we want in our body.

1.     Curves are dangerous
Curves are really dangerous. Every girl wants a perfect figure with perfect curves. Every time we stand in the front of mirror, we notice our curves. Whether we are wearing a short dress, or suit-salwar, even in sari curves are must. And moreover, guys skip a beat for curvy girls.

2.     Eyes are dreamy
Every girl wants sharp features, specially the big freaking eyes. Eyes must be dreamy with so many extra ordinary dreams, love, passion in them. We try hard to make our eyes look more beautiful by applying eye makeup but seriously it’s a dream to have dreamy eyes.

3.     Dimples are desire
Smile is the best makeup any girl can wear but dimples are a desire. The smile can begin with eyes, then touch the lips, and finally end with cute dimples. But only a few are blessed who can flash a dimpled smile and sway the one who are looking at their feet.

4.     Pimples can be heaven
Pimples are worth dyeing, but it can be heaven if the pimples are not on your face. But on other girl’s face. And if the girl is the one, on whom your boyfriend had crush, or her ex-girlfriend, that is more than enough. A single pimple on face can take your whole night’s sleep away.

5.     Nails to be painted
Girls love their nails done with manicure, perfect shape and a favorite nail color. Nails must be painted. But only a girl can understand how difficult it is to choose between two colors. Long painted nails become a style, a fashion now. Long painted nails are a way of saying, look I’m a princess!

6.     Legs must be sleek
With perfect curves, sexier butts, flatter stomach, leaner and sleeker legs are must. Whether you wear full length germ suits always or minis, we girls just need sleek legs. It’s not about we have to expose our sleek legs and seduce guys, but yeah if this is happening too, we are on the cloud 9.

These are the few things we girl can die for! 

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