Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Cup of Coffee with a Smiley :)


By: Mohini Sharma

Life always changes with a high pace but to match that pace one must have to work hard. But sometimes after working so hard, you need a break to relax yourself. You need someone or something to bind you back, to make you feel alive for achieving your dreams and keep working. A cup of coffee can definitely help to open up the windows of mind; and as they say, “a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.” But it doesn’t mean you need someone to share that cup.
Again I felt exhausted after my office schedule and chose to go out for a cup of coffee instead of going back home directly. Thinking about future, I reached at the coffee shop. I usually went there for coffee. I ordered my regular café latte, grabbed my corner seat and lost into my thoughts. I was worried almost about everything. There was nothing to smile upon. But life is a gift in itself to give you reasons to smile. Sometimes a coffee can make you smile even. You just have to find the chances to be happy.
There was something written on my face in bold letters and that was ‘messed up’. Scrolling my phone screen and fearing about my forthcoming future, I was waiting for a miracle. Then my order came. I come there often but never noticed anyone or anything. Maybe every time I came there with a smile on my face or I must be busy somewhere or in something. But today was different, I was afraid. I didn’t notice my coffee and asked more brown sugar. I really needed instant energy that time to come back into my senses. A waiter with a smile on his face came and gave me sugar. I was extremely exhausted so I didn’t find a reason to smile back. And after looking at my coffee, I smiled, widely. I found the reason to smile then. There was a big smiley in my coffee with perfect eyebrows and nose that made me smile. Suddenly I felt happy, about what I didn’t know. If it was just the smiley or the person made it. But that was the moment I found the happiness right on my table, in a cup of coffee, and of course with a smiley in it. I clicked a picture of that cup. I finished my coffee happily without thinking about the messing consequences of my life. After finishing my coffee, I went to the counter, asked for the one who made it. The boy on the counter gave me a confused and then weird look on his face, thought of me for complaining for an imperfect coffee. But then he pointed his finger towards a lean boy at the counter. I moved quickly to get a glimpse of the boy. He was the same guy who brought the coffee for me. I went there and said thanks to him with a wide smile. And all of a sudden he didn’t understand what I said to him. He made me realize in sign language that he is deaf and mute. That was an awestruck moment for me because I didn’t even realize before. I smiled and got back. He smiled back too.
When coming back home, I was evaluating things. Back of my mind, I was thinking about him only. No it was not any attraction or anything like that kind of moment, where you lost something of yours. But it was very inspirational for me. Life is very unfair and cruel to many others but they smile and accept everything. If you smile at life, only then life smiles at you. We don’t need to find reasons to be happy. We just need to pick up one. Happiness is around us, everywhere.

Happiness can come to us even in a cup of coffee in form of smiley!!  :)

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