Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Body, My Mind, My Choice & My Life


It is speaking up for every Indian woman, especially the ones who have the least freedom.

My Choice, a short film dedicated to all the women who want to make choices. After all it is your body, your mind, YOUR CHOICE and your life. VogueEmpower, a social awareness initiative on women’s empowerment, featuring Deepika Padukone and 98 other women from Mumbai. Farhan Akhtar's wife Adhuna and sister Zoya, and Homi's designer wife Anaita, are also seen in the video. All the 99 women are dressed in black attires. Deepika and 98 other women from various walks of life demanding equality - social, political, economic, and even sexual. This film is getting all the attention for the bold message given to the society that is a woman can make a choice too in every way she wants too. This film created a Tsunami of opinions. Most people seem to be outraged because they have a problem not particularly with the movie but with some points like, the sex outside of marriage, addressing only elite women in the movie. Even a guy gone ahead and make a video, which is the male response to it. Another guy quoted a comment that it is his choice to ask for dowry or not. He also commented on Deepika that it was TOI's choice to click snaps of her cleavage. Making a choice or disrespect a lady are two different things. The male response to the video ends with 'We do not support cheating or adultery'. Again stereotypical humour and gender typecasting. That is totally a male chauvinist mentality. The message given by the movie is totally for the guy like him. 

I totally support the video and the statement it makes. People are outraged of the fact of having sex outside of the marriage. They completely missed the point. This video is not supporting or appreciating any cheating or adultery. But why sex on the first place? I mean, people left the movie’s entire message or what this movie is all about. It is totally about the choices, whether bad or good. Choices can be good so as bad. They found a point and stick to this sentence. She also involved to not have sex but still no one is thinking about this. Not to have sex truly means she doesn’t want to get raped (after or before marriage, doesn’t matter). But every other person is busy in commenting on that one sentence. Having sex with someone or betray someone is different. Why can’t they understand that if a woman is having sex outside of marriage, it is totally depends on her choice. It is between her and her husband. Who are we to judge or pointing fingers to her. Sex is still a taboo in our society. But what about the sarogacy? If a man can have sex with someone else for a kid, isn’t it betrayal too. If this is not wrong then why the hell, if a woman have sex outside of marriage is wrong. It is just a perception of ours.

People do have a problem with all the elite women in the movie. They must go and watch the video again. It is speaking up for all the women who want to make choice but don’t have freedom. They are trying to empower women to make choices and own decisions. In our country, still women can’t make any decision on their own. We are reaching on mars one hand but still women can’t choose to wear what she wants. We can’t judge a woman’s character by her dressing sense. As she said, you can’t have a size for her spirit and never will. She can’t go out, meets her male friends. Especially after marriage, she has a tag of belonging to someone. There is a sense of belongingness that creeps in. Many might think that it is same for the Indian married men. But it is not, not at all. It all depends on your mind, how you take it. Your mind is caged so let it free but her body is not so let it be. The bindi on her forehead, rings on her fingers, adding his surname to hers, are all ornaments and can be replaced. Her love for you can’t. So start treasuring that. Her pleasure might be your pain but think that your pleasure might be her pain too. So stop giving pain to her. She has a right to marry or not. She has a right to make choice if she wants to have your baby or not. If yes, then when. After all she has a career and a life of her own. She has a right to love a man, or woman, or both. She is not your privilege, so let her make her own choices. Of course her choices are like her fingerprints what makes her unique. Respect her and the choices she make. She is the universe, infinite in every direction. That is why you are in the world, because of a woman’s choice (your mother). So let her choose.

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