Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Guys you should never date OR Stay away

Mohini Sharma

1.   The Dominating One                                              Some boys don’t need a girlfriend they need a Barbie doll to have control on their girlfriends as they like to. Sometimes, these guys are so dominating that they try to control every breath of yours. These guys will interfere in everything but you must tell them that you can and only you will take the decisions of your life and he must respect your feelings.
Only strong men can love their girlfriends and the weaker one can try to dominate.

   2. The Self-Obsessed
 Some guys are so obsessive about themselves that they only take care about their diet, calories, hair style, complexion and of course their deodorants, hair gel, face pack, sunscreen lotions, perfumes etc. (sorry if something get missed). They will keep on asking that, “Baby, isn’t my tummy out no?” Even they can ask you for a face massage and for your face wash (the turmeric one) if in case they lost or forget their somewhere.
    They will never compliment you because they are always busy in looking themselves in mirror.

 3. The Pervert Or Jerk.
They are so starved for sex that they can do anything to get that. They will use the same dialogues to every girl like I love you; I want to express my feelings for you; having sex will help to come close; and the amazing one “Let’s take this relationship to the next level”. They can do anything for sex without a second thought. They will get corner seats at theatre, even for a comedy film. They will keep on using breaks while you are sitting back and find chances to hold your hand by saying that they are reading your palms.
  The reason women never propose men on knees is because they know that men will start Unzipping.

4. The Detective - Spy One
These kind of guys will find clue in everything and a mission every day to spy their girlfriends. They think of them as James Bond. They will ask you silly questions like why were so long busy on your phone, who gifted this dress to you and even will ask for your face book passwords. If possible they will fit a camera on your head and watch it like a live match with popcorn. They are so insecure that they will keep on checking your mobile phones but this will not less their insecurity.
  You will get tired of giving explanations to them but they will never believe.

5. The Ready-To-Groom
 These guys are born on earth to marry only. They will constantly nagging you for marriage. They will start thinking about marriage even before the two months of relationship. These kind of guys don’t even need to know you more, they are always ready to get married. They will  keep on looking for places for honey moon and frustrating you asking for commitment all the time .
 They are always ready for marriage as they take you as a chance and they know after knowing them better with time, you will never get married to them.

6. Desperate For Sex
On an average a man thinks about sex, nineteen times a day. These kind of guys can say and listen only the word sex. And the funny part is they get wrong signals of girls by themselves, girls don’t need to do anything. You can say anything but they always think about one thing. If you say, you’re special, they will think sex. If you say let’s booze, they will again think the same. Even if you’re feeling depressed and start crying heading on their shoulders still it’s just sex in their minds. These men can take any innocent sentence of yours as signal for having sex.
Women need a reason to have sex whereas men just need a place.

7. Extremely Romantic Ones
Every girl wants a perfect romantic boyfriend like Raj from DDLJ but when the perfect boyfriend become extremely romantic then it starts suffocation for you. You will feel like a trapped bird in a cage without oxygen but full of romance. They will give you overdose of love every time. He will call you and ask you if you’re ok, because he sent a message to you before five minutes and you didn’t reply so he will get worried. You must tell this kind of boyfriend that being romantic is good but every relationship need a breathing space. They will suffocate you with creepy nicknames, roses, overdose of love.
With these kind of guys you will find only romance and more romance, romance in breakfast, then in lunch, then in evening snacks and then in dinner.

8. Ex- Boyfriends
These kind of guys who will happily broke up with you but after that along desperation story will start. With starting glass full of alcohol he will abuse you and will show to his friends that he is happy without you. But the more consumption of alcohol will make him reminding of you and his previous love. He will keep on calling you at the mid night to apologize and to remind you the best time you had together just to get you back and if you denies he ask you to meet one last time that will never come. Even he will always get updates of your life from your mutual friends. Tell these kind of guys to leave you alone. Forget about them and live your life.
These guys will try hard to get you back once they seeing you doing better without them


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