Sunday, 12 April 2015



1.       We are living in a country where people says “ladki ghar ki laxmi hoti hai” and “ladki baap ke kandhe ka bojh hoti hai” both are co-exist.

2.        A documentary can spoil our image in the world, not the rape.

3.        It’s ok to piss in public but it’s not ok to kiss in public.

4.        Here people wear helmet not for their safety but because of cops after red-lights.

5.       Parents are afraid for their daughters talking to strangers but they make them marry to one.

6.        If a girl is not married until 25 years, her family thinks she will never find a nice guy because she will be very old to get married.

7.        A boy can choose a government at an early age of 18 but he has to wait for 21 years to get married and moreover 25 years to buy alcohol.

8.        We’d rather spend more money on our daughter’s wedding than on their education.

9.         Politicians divide us for their benefits but terrorists unite us.

10.                           One has to look both ways to cross a one-way road in our country.

11.                      We make movies on biography of famous athletes and earn more than they earned in their entire career.

12.                   We don’t know who lives in our neighborhood but knows where our favorite celebrities spending holidays?

13.                   Here we judge females on their dressing sense.

14.                   Everyone seems in a hurry on roads but no one reaches on time.

15.                   If we have a pet at home, most probably we will find an English name for him.

16.                   We have more mobile phones than toilets in our country.

17.                   We are so socially that everyone knows where we are and with whom through social networking sites, except our parents.

18.                   We can accept a porn actress as a heroine but can’t accept a rape victim or acid-attack victim as a daughter-in-law or wife.

19.                   We have been born with hypocrisy in our blood. For instance, what kind of man are you? Hitting a woman! Or what sort of man are you? Taking a beating from a woman!

20.                   Every guy wants a virgin bride but it doesn’t matter if he goes Bankok for his sexual pleasure.

21.                   A housewife slogs her ass-off for 24*7 but still she is introduced as just a house wife.

22.                   If a guy is with 6 girls, he is a stud! But if a girl is with 6 guys, she is a slut!

23.                   A rapist can go inside a temple, a terrorist can but a girl can’t during her menstrual periods.

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