Saturday, 11 April 2015

Are you looking for a girl to marry or for some desi ghee??

       ARE YOU VIRGIN???

Just a physical wall in a girl's vagina OR a question on her character..? Can’t virginity measure in the terms of any girl’s thoughts and her soul? Being physical, have sex before marriage or not to have sex, this must be a girl’s choice.

Why we are in a society where a girl's character is defined by her virginity? Is this just a physical wall inside a girl's vagina or something on which our society can decide about a girl’s character..?? And I always wonder, why on girls only? Isn’t it should be required for a guy too?
Assume that a boy came for meeting you for marriage and asks you, 'Are you pure?' What does this word ''PURE" mean?? Is the boy looking for a girl to marry or some desi ghee??Why this virginity based question is only for girls, why not we girls ask the same question to the boy before marriage?? Will any boy give us the true answer? Will any guy would be able to prove that he is virgin too.
Still in India we use white bed sheet on the first night of marriage, just to know if the girl is virgin or not. What is the need of it? 
Even I always wonder what happen with the girls who are from sports background, who lose their virginity in playing for their state, nation or county. Who are going to marry them and the girls who are raped or physically humiliated? Don’t they have a right to live their life and settled down?
Why a girl has to answer everyone, justify herself? Are the rules of society for us, only for girls?
If a girl loves a boy, gives everything to that guy from her body to her soul. That boy means everything to her. She is day-dreaming for marrying that guy and thinking about her future with that boy and he cheats her and leaves. What is the mistake of the girl? She was in love deeply, madly and completely so she gave everything to the boy. Is it that much big mistake? And by the way who the hell the society is to give her for her character? Who is this society? Who made these so-called society rules? We made these rules. But why we never understand that rules are not more important than a girl's life. Why we cannot live with our rules, after all it is our life? Why girls have to sacrifice everything? On one hand girls are touching the moon and on other hand we need to prove ourselves that we are pure. And what is the way to prove it, by saving our virginity. Is there any boy who is still virgin till his marriage, who did not even dream about any girl? We are not in the world of Lord Ram, so how can a boy expect even to get a girl like Sita.
It is totally depends on a girl while she want to have sex before marriage or not to have sex. It is the girl’s choice to marry or not? It is totally a girl’s point of view to love a man, or woman or to both.
They need to dream and make it real without any fear. And if a guy asks a question about your virginity, just fight back against him and ask her first, is he? You can measure any girl’s virginity by her thoughts, her mindset, her soul. The purity of her thoughts and soul makes her pure. We need to be strong, not because we have to just survive but we have to fly high and make every impossible thing possible. Even in catholic religion every bride wears the same white dress in her marriage whether she is getting married 4 or 5  time. They treat the bride virgin or pure for her thoughts of getting married to someone, to belong to someone. She is looking forward for a bright future with her husband with her virgin thoughts. 
But in our society, sex and virginity based questions are still a taboo. So the next time if you go to meet any girl, ask a question to yourself that, are you virgin? Are you virgin in your thoughts to respect any woman, to keep her happy all over your life?


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