Friday, 1 May 2015

Things girls want boys to know.!


There are many things girls want boys to know. The do s or Don’ts

1.           If I’m sending you friend request on facebook, doesn’t mean I’m in love with you.

2.           If I comment or like any picture of yours, it clearly means I like the update. I’m not your fan.

3.           If I’m saying No for something, it means a clear no.

4.           If I say that I want to booze and get drunk, it doesn’t mean I’m giving you any signal.

5.           If I come and meet you without wearing bra, it doesn’t mean inviting.

6.           When I say I’m perfectly alright or I’m ok, I’m not.

7.           When I cry and ask you to stay away, don’t go even hug me tight.

8.           When I say I don’t care about your ex, please understand I hate that bi**h.

9.           When I say I don’t like it too much, it clearly means I hate it.

10.                     When I say I believe, I’m just warning you to not to do anything wrong.

11.                     When I say, “I know she is just a friend and I like her”, I actually mean I’m feeling jealous.

12.                     If I say I’m busy, I’m actually busy and not making excuses.

13.                     If I say I’ll go by myself, I really want you to drop me home.

14.                     If I say, “It’s a girl’s night out only” I mean, don’t you dare to spy on me.

15.                     When I say What!? I heard for the first time but just giving you a chance to change your statement.

16.                     When I say, “You’re most handsome man”, believe me I’m not saying truth.

17.                     When I say I’m feeling low, take me for shopping.

18.                     Yes, I watch porn but it doesn’t mean I’m starving for sex.

19.                     When I say, “I love you and want to spend my life with you”. Believe me I’m saying it all from my heart.

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