Sunday, 3 May 2015

Boyfriends and their Professions!!

“Take it from me, he is a very Bad Boyfriend”

A man is like a deck of heart. You need a Heart to Love him, a Diamond to Marry him, a Club to Smash his Head & a Spade to Bury him.

Boyfriends and their professions

1.  Businessmen
There are so many benefits to date businessmen but loses too because being in a relationship you will always feel like you are single. They will never take you out for a vacation of your choice but yes they will take you along to their business meetings in other cities. They are like “kaam ka kaam ho jayega aur ghumna ka ghumna”
 “Consignment of Romance never comes into their life and Tender of Love they never files”

2.  Doctors
They always make you feel awful by telling you about patients and their pathetic diseases. Whenever girls try to fight about something important, they only care about their girlfriend’s abnormal breathing rate and hypertension. Things like love and heart, other boys will find romantic but they will say heart is only for pumping blood. You need ‘Duaa’ more than ‘Dava’ with these guys.
“Emergencies will come between your love any time and your love story will depend on life-support”

3.  Actors
They always romance you and if you believe then they will ask, “How was my acting?’’ They will never eat what you cook for them, because they are extra conscious about their muscular body. Their hand bags contain more cosmetics than yours. They are too busy in looking themselves in mirror so they never compliment their girlfriends.
“They make mistakes every time because they are habitual of taking re-takes & moreover the climax of your love story is still unwritten”

4.  Lawyers
These guys are very obsessed of finding evidence and treat their love   stories as a criminal case. They spy on their girlfriend every time and manipulate things when they are wrong. What they say and what they actually mean are never same. Moreover they you have no judge in your love story. They will be judge and lawyer at a same time.
“He may not be right but he can make sure sounds like it”

5.  Leaders & Politicians
These guys can only speak big but can’t do anything. Even if a girl wants to believe them she can’t do because of this profession. They will think more about opposition party than their girlfriends. They will always busy in their ‘good for nothing’ so-called rallies and party meetings. And most importantly they are good in telling a lie and making fake promises.
“Your boyfriend is always busy in making others fool and so as to you”

6.  Reporters
Reporters are obsessed with headlines and big news. They will always treat you as a story on which they are working. They can run between making love to you for covering any story or event. They are good at stretching one little thing and manipulating. Argument is their favorite pastime.
“They never come up what they actually mean and keep trying to read your mind”

7. Jobless (the worst one)
Being unemployed is not a bad thing but being lazy and lethargic makes it worst. Instead of searching for a new job he will only waste his time and even distract you from your work too. He will ask for monetary help and when you ask him about interview, he will make many excuses. He will eat, smoke, play videogame and sleep. He will take your concerns negative.
“A man who doesn’t work for his living, won’t work for you too”

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