Thursday 28 May 2015

I decided to walk towards life!

I decided to walk towards life...!!!

Mohini Sharma

Life led me to strange paths
and I can see myself in parts
But I decided to walk
don't have someone, even to talk
I decided to walk in a deserted plane
somewhere I felt myself all alone..

I decided to walk
without knowing the goalpost
I feel like a child who is lost
I don't know about the path
no advance plans, no precautions before
the journey is yet so far
its moving like an hour to hour

I decided to walk
smiling or crying whatever my face

winning or losing whatever my fate
People changing nature like dresses
wearing mask over face, & very insane
but life gives me immense power again
to live.. to succeed.. to end..
for that, I decided to walk !!!

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