Friday, 2 February 2018

Unfold and Live!

You know it’s all about choices. I truly believe in one thing and that is if something going wrong in your life it’s only because you made wrong choices. You are the one chasing wrong people and you are the one going wrong way.

The choice is only yours!

To run, or walk, or stand! But until when!?

Until when you will blame others for your mistakes. You blame the people around you, you blame the universe for your failures. Though there is nothing wrong in getting failed as they say you value success only if you have tested failures. 

But there will be the time when you will need to stay put.
Now is the time to sit down for a while.

Rest it out.

BREATHE and think!

The only person you're racing with is yourself. This is your path - and your journey. No matter how many times you fall, you will have to get back up for yourself. No one else can live it better but you. No one else exists in it - but you.

STOP and Listen! Listen to the voices of your heart - they'll lead you where you need to be.

You'll trip, and fall. You'll scrape your knee if you're very lucky.

For this journey is too long, and gifted are those that experience it in every possible way. The destination will be the same but journey will be changed. The weather will change, as it should. The special ones in your life will leave. But you will be there to hold on to yourself and fight back.

There will be ups and downs, love and list, fights and peace, storms and amusing. It won't be just another walk in the park.

This is your life!

It's going to rain, and thunder. There will be fire, and storms. The breeze will sometimes dry out your hair, other times it'll send chills down your spine. There will be tears. And laughter. There will be failures and success. Broken promises, and forget me not's.

Remember them all...

They all once mean everything and then at one point they will be vanished just like black clouds above the sky. All the souls that you meet here, will teach you something you need to know. Despite the pain and hatred, they'll teach you to grow.

 Grow. Expand. Evolve. Explode.

Make choices, good or bad, doesn’t matter! But the choice is yours... To run, or walk, or stand... Or maybe just sit down for a while and let it go and see what happens next!?

Maybe, life is waiting with the most beautiful and thrilled surprises for you to unfold and live!

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