Sunday, 11 February 2018

Follow Your Desire & Be Proud of it!!

I have to tell you something imperative today, before it's past the point of no return!

I have to tell you that you're a distinctive sweetheart!

You exactly know what you need, you know where you need to go, and here and there that panic individuals, since they can't see outside their little world with their little issues who are frightened to trust in somebody who they know could end up in a good place.
They are threatened by you.

You really need to dry those tears now, I have to tell you that you are heading for good things, but only if you are willing to risk everything you have to get it. 

You have a desire, young lady.
I need you to see outside yourself, you know whether this isn't the place you have a place. 

You know whether there is something out there sitting tight for you, and, well, if there's no one out there letting you know, I want you to demonstrate them all off-base.

It's certainly feasible, else, you wouldn't want it, and I guess the question is how bad you do!
Anyone can put on a pretty outfit and imagine, anyone can stop, and anyone can come up with a rationalization. 

You need to hear me out, you have to characterize yourself, you have to figure out how to flourish those black roses on your tree, notwithstanding when they said it is unimaginable, don't give them a chance to recoil you.

I want you to be somebody.

Somebody you can be proud of!

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