Thursday, 22 February 2018

Dear Soulmate, This One Is For You!

Dear Best Friend,

Would it be a good idea for me to call you my partner-in-crime or a real soul mate!?       

He adores you obviously, make you blush, he remains through all your thick and thin circumstances, and even, influences you to acknowledge why it didn't work out with the others. Dear Bestie, I think you have at last discovered your perfect partner in this stunning man who is obviously your better half at this point. What's more, I couldn't be more joyful for you. In any case, hold up a moment, here's something I need you to know. It would be ideal if you take note of, that in no way does this mean you will stop loving me or any less. 

Actually, I need to let you know – loud and clear – that we are the real soul mates and you'll forever be my first and most eternal love — over anybody I've met or I'll ever meet in my life. 

Here's the reason.

Since you know me inside out, my flaws and beauty and never judged.

There were times when I even chose to abandon me since I thought my fantasies were farfetched and I'm not commendable, but rather you chose to have my back with no desire. You saw me commit the most moronic of errors, you saw me fall. I am a very moody and judgmental; one moment I cherish you like it's nobody's business, and the following, I'll disapprove in each damn thing you say and hold a quiet resentment against you for whatever length of time that I can oversee. In any case, you never whined. While others cleared out, you, then again, stayed and keep confidence in my capacities.

I love you for that!
 Since you show me the best of the sunshine which I refuse to see.

You demonstrated to me the shrouded quality in me and helped me utilize it without bounds. When I committed that horrendous error of surrendering, you were my redeeming quality. You were my certainty through those nerve-wracking snapshots of life. It was not any other person but rather you who helped me locate a superior method to manage the troubles life was hurled at me. Remember when I left the job and packed all my dreams, you were the one took me out from my own miseries and self-pities. Remember, when every time I went to give an interview and you accompany me along to inspect whether I should join that organization or not like an overprotective mother. That’s weird by the way!

But still, I love you for that!
Since you were the partner-in-crime I didn’t get at home.

You were dependably the person who treated me like a sister, much more than that. With you, I realized what a genuine sister bond ought to resemble. Essentially, it's actual significance — sisterhood. At whatever point I was blurred in the dimness, you were the individual I could depend on (you still are). I have shared my everything with you, be it my wildest fantasies or dark secrets, my crazy ideas or lame jokes, my weird dreams or even screenshots of my insane ex-lovers. You know me inside out.

And I really really love you for that!
Since you've generally been the part of my own soul.

I don't know how I'd have managed each one of those heartbreaks and good lord the craziest missteps I never neglect to make. Likewise, the numerous goof-ups that I'm blameworthy of submitting from time to time. You've secured everything for me, and I don't figure some other companion could coordinate to your level on this thing. I'm sad you needed to shoulder the brunt of my errors. I'll generally be appreciated.

You are someone who has been always by my side, in my good or bad times. You might be married to someone and given promises to be in health and sickness, but you know what we share is inexpressible in words. Just when you were getting married, I can’t tell you all those feelings, actually a turmoil of feelings I was going through. I was happy and sad at the same time. You know I don’t feel competitive easily, but that day I was really jealous of your Mr. Perfect!

You have given me everything!

By everything I didn’t mean the sexual pleasures but literally everything (though there are uncountable times when we shared clothes in those tiny changing rooms and saw each other naked :p) You gave me your shoulder to cry over losers, you hated each of my ex and people who hurt me, even more than I do. You took me out for all those boring flop movies only I wanted to see. You clicked a thousand of my stunning pictures.  You managed my tantrums and my mood swings (Mind that, better than any guy I’ve ever been with). 

You shared my drinks, you matched those sexy dance moves on the disco floor, you slapped me every time I smoke, you heard me crying 2 am in the morning, you fought with people over texts for me (Though most of the messages were written by me only, honest :p) You warned me every time I was drooling over some guy more than required, And every time I told you that I’m in love, you gave the instant and epic reply – ‘We’ll talk about this a week later!)

You were my driving partner and my bar hopping partner, my gossip partner and my movie partner and my spa partner and the list will continue to keep growing because we have done so much together.

You understood the things I never said. People were really jealous how we used to talk through our looks without saying a word. You literally hold me back when I was not willing to stand. I love you for that!

And even though you are married and now your husband will take all of your time and attention. Just let him know that you love me more and that we are the real soul mates!

I can’t tell you how much grateful I’m because I got a friend like you in life (who matches my level of craziness as well). And I’m honored that you chose me for being your bridesmaid even after half a dozen sisters. It felt great!

Sorry, I have written a hell long letter and I know you don’t like reading too much. But cut in short, all I wanted to say is – thanks for being my best friend and I’m only a call away whenever you need me. And if you ever cut my phone or won’t pick, I would not scream, I promise. I would just land at your door knocking with all the strength I got and beat the shit out of you!
I love you my soul mate, more than I ever loved anyone!

Your Bestie! 

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