Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Benefits of having elder sisters

Sisters are the best gift you can get from your family. This sister-sister relationship is special in many ways. Nobody really understands you better than your sisters. After all you share your childhood with them. You find your lifetime friends in your sisters. Someone to shop with, someone to pay your bills, someone to understand and support you, someone to gossip with and share your secrets and of course someone to fight with. If you never fought with sisters, believe me this is a very formal kind of relationship. Having elder sisters is the best thing that can happen in your childhood.

There are benefits and only benefits of having sisters, though they irritate sometimes but they are the ones always there for me!

1.Borrow things and never return
Having elder sisters is the reason of my fully stuffed closet. After all I have the liberty of borrow dresses, jewelries, make-up stuff and never return back.

2.Don’t need to pay for almost every time
This is the reason I love to go for shopping and lunch with my sisters because they never ask me for contribution like my friends and let me pay (except for my b’day party :/)

3.Get experience for the things never tried
There is a lot of stuff that I don’t need to do for getting experience. My sisters always tell me how to handle things and situations in life.

4.All-time advisers
Whether it’s about money or love, choosing between two dresses or for any genuine suggestion. Sisters are always known as all-time advisers.

5.Someone to cover faults and mistakes
Every time I do something foolish and my parents get to know about that, my sisters cover my fault and even get ready to fight with them just to protect me.

6.Helping hand in all household stuff
Being the younger sister, always help me from staying away of household things. She is like my additional hands who work instead of me.

The best part of sister’s relationship is that I always know whatever I do, they are always by my side no matter what. From sharing our dresses and toys, we share a unique bond that grows deeper day by day. We are so close that we finish each other’s sentences, like we can read each other’s minds.

My sisters are a bit of heaven sent down on earth to protect me!

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