Friday, 21 August 2015

Are We Really Independent??

Being independent in India means buck stops here.
Being an Indian, I always thought about independence. Are we really independent? I mean what independence is exactly? Knowing your rights, right to live freely according to your way, or do what your parents, society, people think you should do. Believing and following the stereo-type rules because society tells us those are right.

Independence is not being a slave. Independence is an era for which our soldiers, our country’s people sacrificed their lives for us. It’s a question on our honesty, on our dignity that in the hour of need, will we suffer ourselves for our country. But now independent became really mean. Independence means different to the different persons.
  • As an individual, we are today slave to the destiny of India. We need to work hard for a better and bright future because people sacrificed their lives for our future. For us how to choose is much more important than what to choose because how bring benefits to many.
  • As a female, independence means the real freedom. Freedom to dream, to aim and to chase. Freedom means more than what I want to wear and whom do I want to get marry. Being independent as a female means a right to live the life with our way, feel safe and secure and get respect not for the survival but to win the world.                                     

  • As a farmer in India, being independent means not committing suicide because of falling price of grain or because of crop failure. Independence for them is nothing but earning bread for their family, better education for their children and a roof over their head.
  • As a student, independence means getting better and secure environment to study, not being judged by the marks they get and not spoiled by the scheduled caste and categories and get a job that may fulfill all the dreams to make everyone proud (the family and of course the country!) 

Every other person has their own criteria to measure their independence. Maybe some want to live their life by their own and some want to sacrifice their life for their country. But the only way to feel independence is to stand up for something which is right, even if it means standing alone.

After all, the best freedom is being yourself! 

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