Thursday 6 August 2015

10 Day to day problems every girl faces!!

Being a girl is not easy at all! If you’re a girl, whether you’re living alone or with your family, in a live-in relationship or in a hostel.  There are a dozen of problems you face every day, right from the time you wake up to the time you get back your bed.  From the pain occurred in periods to general life tasks, shopping for matching accessories to taking care of house, even doing stuff for career to mood swing in that time of month. We girls, never leave anything behind! We want it all and we want it right now. But after having all the obstacles in our daily life, we find ways to deal with everything. We even defeat almost everything.

Here are the problems every girl faces and relates to. Wish there was an end to it at all!

1.       Waking up early an hour for getting ready

Where boys wake up, reads newspaper, gets ready, have breakfast and still find some extra time. We girls wake up before an hour or two just for getting ready. And still never get ready on time!

2.       Choosing between clothes to wear is a big fight

We always have a full wardrobe of clothes, but it’s amazing how all good clothes get lost in the closet at the instant moment. Every morning, we have a huge fight for choosing between two or three dresses to wear.

3.       Dealing with the expectation of not having hair anywhere but our heads

Every time I decide to wear a sleevless top or short dress, I need to go for waxing because we need to make sure that the only place we should’ve hair is our head.  Now going for waxing, hair removal cream and shaving is a difficult choice that irritates a lot.

4.       Ahhh, this kajal needs to stay put throughout the day

We always need a kajal that stays 24*7. If not, then at least for the time we are out of our home. We all love summers, but summer is also hell for a thousand reasons. Specially, for the girls who wear a lot of makeup with dark kajal. Smudge kajal causes real pain.

5.       Looking for a bench/chair in every five minute

Where wearing high heels make you look like an adult chic, it can also causes pain for you. Sometimes when you walk in high heels, it looks like you’re drunk. Or you look for any bench or chair to sit every time. Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a new born calf.

6.       Painting nails is a never ending process

It takes a lot of time for growing, making the perfect shape and painting them but in just a fraction of seconds, you get a cut on the corner side of your nail and then again, wait for a month or two for growing it.

7.       Stomach cramping can cancel all the plans

Before making a plan we need to make sure this would not be that time of month. From periodically occurring blood-leak to swing in the mood, avoiding short white dress to the cramps in the stomach, these things have the power to cancel any plan.

8.       Pregnancy can give a heart-attack!

We can still manage if we forget the date of our monthly cycle, but missing the whole cycle can definitely give us a heart-attack. Noting can be more scaring than missing your periods. After all, it’s better late than pregnancy.

9.       Finding matching accessories and stuff

Finding matching accessories sound easy but roaming around in every shop to find the perfect one is a big task. Even if we go out for finding a single matching stuff, we end up buying 10 more new things. It happens every time!

10.   Sitting in the posture we want is horrible

Nothing can be done about the sweat or the rash that might be bothering you down there. Especially if you’re wearing a short dress, you can’t even think of sitting comfortably like you want. For boys it is a big advantage.

11.   Ogling men can make embarrass

Every time you wear something sexy, you can easily find guys who are latching onto you. Whether in parties or malls, they just try to get a glimpse of your cleavage or toned pair of legs. We girls deal with these ogling men every other day. 

Never mind how many obstacles are in our way, we girls, find ways to deal and defeat everything!

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