Thursday, 11 January 2018

Accept And Embrace!

Somewhere, most of us are stuck with things/humans in life that we refuse to let go.

No matter how much pain, hatred and negativity we are getting from these damage people and fucked situations. We are naturally terrified of our current situation but more about our recent future and it’s absolutely impossible to imagine a different world apart from what we are used to every day.

We are just terrified of change!
That is what we are, and if we look closely, here is where most of the problem lies. We are more worried about the change this current situation is going to bring, than the situation itself. And unfortunately, much contrary to what is being said, no place or person can truly help us unless we don’t see it ourselves.

But if we do and if we are willing to, let me tell you that the process of letting go begins from acceptance.

The fact that this is our current situation and it’s shitty as fuck, but this is how it is; the fact that people do wrong and things go downside but we don’t have to hold ourselves responsible for them.
The first question to eliminate is ‘How could this happen to me?’ Well it already did. And I know it sucks but it did. Admit that it did. And accept that we are in no control of what happens to us but we are definitely in control of what we make out of it.

You need to breathe.

You need to accept.

You need to choose you above every kind of bullshit beneath.

I agree there are some real mean people out there who will pull you down, EVERY FUCKING TIME. There will always be haters around. There will always be people mask their jealousy with the advice veil, who will be way too sweet on your face and will stab you behind your back.
These kind of people just keep on looking for chances to spit their kind of negativity at you. Believe me its not your job to heal everyone you encounter. Its not your responsibility to show them the right path.

You didn't come here to be someone's light, you came here to be your own sun.

And even if you feel like helping them, they prove you wrong and drain your positive energy as well. They will make you hollow and feel you helpless. They will pour you with tons of bull shit and negative vibes.

But this is not you! YOU are you!

And you do need to be above them. You need to have faith in yourself and be your greatest strength at that moment.

Embrace your power.

Fight your battle.
And just like that, on one of the windy afternoons, you will maybe find yourself few pounds lesser and surely your heart, a little lighter and you'll be surprised to realize how you've finally managed to let it go.

And that my friend, is the real definition of success; that is when happiness will finally welcome you home!

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