Friday, 11 September 2015

Killed by smile, but screwed by love!!

·       It was a fashion show where the fake smile of the show stopper caused lust full looks in the eyes of many. Many a women wanted to enter her dress, a sort of replacing her soul with theirs and owning that sexy body. Many a men just wanted to rip that dress all over the sky because she was totally out of their league. A guy from the crowed smiled with lust full in his eyes and the girl felt fall for him.
·       She was walking down the street, rain were falling on her dress. She crossed the street and her skirt flew a bit high. The street was empty so she thought, could not see the eyes behind the curtains following her smile n gait. The guy followed her smile until she left the street. She saw him smile from another end but couldn’t do anything except of smiling back and made her may away.

I often wonder which guy is genuine, one watching the show stopper on ramp OR the one following from the back of curtains.
Both of them smiled at her.
Both of them caused the goose bumps on her arms.
Both of them made her feel wanted.
Both the smiles simply killed her.
Nothing remained in the garden but for the two roses of smile.

Though one tried to peep in her skirt, whereas another one couldn’t see and think beyond the smile of the girl. Though the first one had lust in her eyes but he made her wanted too. The other one was simply followed her smile to the other end of the road but gave her goosebumps on her arms.

The girl takes the big leap in a relationship just because he smiled and she felt it was for her only. The heart says follow it through by falling in love. But for whom that’s the big question.

All of us, girls in late teen face this heaven like situations so many times that the guy smiled only for me only, our heart also says fall in love because of got killed by someone’s smile. Many a times, this swinging pendulum goes crazy and we see things of being in love to screw up every other thing. We refused to believe that we have our own identity, start lagging in our own ambitions, trying to see colors of rainbow in black moods.

Now the big question is, was there really a need of making choice? Can’t she just ignore the both smiles and made her way to the last cloud of fame. She killed by both smile, but falling in love made her screw. Not only her but her past hard work to become the best, the extra ordinary dreams and the identity for which she was living for.

Love screwed her because of that killing smile!!!

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